I used to read just fantasy books or just romance books. Something in my time that I could absolutely relate to. But one day I decided why not do some wide reading, and I discovered Historical Romance books. These days they are all I can read. The language that they use to right is so romantic. And what makes them more exciting is that the Hero and Heroine are supposed to folow these prime and proper rules, some of them do and some of them don’t. But I think the one thing that makes them so pure is that ‘idea’ of ‘true love’

I love them they warm my heart.

Some of the books I have read are

Loves Portrait by Monica Burns

Intentions of the Earl by Rose Gordon

A Scandalous Charade by Ava Stone

Love Me Always by Marie Higgins

Lord Fool to The Rescue by L.L Muir.

Her Wicked Ways and Her Wicked Heart by Darcy Burke

Oh Cherry Ripe by Claudy Conn

The Garden of Temptation by Cynthis Wicklund

Lady Deception by Rizzo Rosko

The Fairy Tale Bride by Kelly McClymer

Seductive Secrets by Colleen Connally

The Wary Widow and the Bedeviled Bride by Jerrica Knight Catania

The Wild One by Danelle Harmon


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