Book Tour: Crimson Darkness By Amos Cassidy (Sneak Peek)

I love that cover, I bet the story is even better. To-read pile.

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If you haven’t read Crimson Midnight book #1 of the series you are missing out. The story brings us a great plot with fantastic characters, action and drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Crimson Darkness Book #2 of the  Crimson Seriespromises just the same if not more. Check the sneak peek of TheCrimson Darkness book #2 of the Crimson series.

They were back in Rose’s home, in her mother’s bedroom. Sunlight slanted through the windows illuminating the room in a soft ethereal glow, its rays illuminating the large landscape pictures that hung on the walls. Rose’s mother sat on the bed, her legs crossed Indian style.  A sleek black cat lay beside her on the duvet purring softly and throwing Rose the odd curious glance.  Rose had taken the seat by the bed folding her hands in her lap and clasping them…

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