Nerding Out with Matthew’s Dad, Granny, and Terry Brooks


~post by Matthew

Knowing that Terry Brooks is a favorite of my father’s, I used an advanced copy of his new book Wards of Faerie(out now) as leverage to persuade him to buy Kate and I dinner recently. The food was great, but he maintains I got the short end of the deal. After reading the book in one sitting, he passed it on to my Grandmother who, being an expert in the whole of Terry Brooks bibliography, also read it in one sitting. Both said they loved it and that the new book, given it’s exposition on the history of Terry Brook’s fantasy world, was a great introduction to the Shannara series. However the exposition didn’t put them out as Terry Brooks fanatics due to Brook’s ingenious method of incorporating the history with the plot of the novel. Good news for sapling and full-grown fans of Terry Brooks!…

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