Lisa Logue

Lisa Logue has written everything from poetry and short stories to her debut novel Cursed Secrets. Originally from Long Island, NY, she now resides in Tennessee with her family including her two sons.

At the age of seven, Lisa began writing short stories depicting dramatic scenes of abusive relationships and murder/mysteries. After several calls home from the teacher, Lisa made it clear that while the stories seemed real her imagination created the drama. But it didn’t stop there. After the short stories came poetry with which she received many awards including winning several contests. Her earlier poems were published in coffee table books and various online websites, proving she’s no stranger to the written word.

After a long two years, her first novel Cursed Secrets has finally been published. Lisa is constantly working to improve and adapt her writing to intrigue and entice readers. As an avid reader herself, creating “real” characters has been an important part of the project. While Cursed Secrets encompasses a variety of supernatural characters, the human element is prominent and relatable.

When Lisa isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her family, working, or attending classes for her degree. She also loves to read and often finds herself curled up in a snuggie with a glass of wine. Spending time with her boyfriend of almost five years and their friends is another enjoyment and break from crazy daily life.





Cursed Secrets (Legacy of Secrets #1)


Ten years ago, Lia’s life had been normal, until she witnessed a murder. Since then she’s been plagued by reliving that horrible night in a dream. But that wasn’t the worst of her problems. A force had awakened inside her, unleashing something so frightening, she couldn’t bear being close to anyone. Until she met Christian. Intrigued by her power and the strange connection between them, Christian is determined to find out what makes her tick. Struggling to keep his urges under control, he vows to stand by her. But as her past is revealed, he uncovers secrets that shake him to the core, forcing a decision that could lead to her death.

*Includes some language*
*Includes minor sexual situations*

**Bonus material!!!**






Fire & Ice: A Legacy of Secrets Novella


With a past fueled by blood, sex and death, Christian vowed to be different. The things he witnessed left him hardened, turning his body and heart to ice.

A tiny sliver of humanity remained, leading him to Lia like a moth to a flame. Mortal desires awakened inside him, chipping away the cold. He tells Lia his story, realizing she’s the one who revived him. She’s the fire to his ice.

*Includes some language*
*Includes some sexual situations*









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Guest Blog: Lisa Logue- Author of Legacy of Secrets


Writing has always been my dream. A few years ago, I started writing a short story based on a crazy dream I had. A few months later, I was still writing and the story transformed. That crazy dream turned into a two year project and my debut novel Cursed Secrets. It became a bestseller in just under a month and I haven’t stopped since! Writing has always been my dream, but I never imagined it would be this awesome!


One thing I’ve seen a lot of on my journey has been very passionate writers who seem like they’re searching for validation. For most, writing has been somewhat of a life-long goal. It is a love of more than just reading, but creating and molding characters and plots into something bigger than simply words on a page. It can be scary to bare your heart and soul to millions or billions, but that’s also what makes it exciting.


Where these authors and writers go wrong is looking to others to determine whether they should continue writing. I understand wanting to be praised and told you’re good at something, especially when that something is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do. But why should you have to? I’m a firm believer in people being the best at the things they’re most passionate about. If you love to write, why not take the chance?


For different people, success is measured in different ways. Some feel as though success is unattainable unless you receive a publishing contract. Others try to spout off rankings and sales numbers. Some try to dictate that unless you’ve paid hundreds of dollars for editing, plus hundreds more for artwork and a few hundred more for a professional printing press, your books aren’t really books and you’ve wasted your time. In all honesty, success is relative and you’ll never get the same answer from any two people. Those same people who say these things would also say that I haven’t been successful. I beg to differ.


I don’t have a traditional publishing contract, but I am an author. My books haven’t sold thousands, but they have sold hundreds. I may not be on bookshelves, but I do have print options. I don’t spend a lot of money, but I have a graphic artist and an editor. Most of all, I don’t care what the critics say. I have readers who enjoy my books and that’s enough for me.


Bottom line: you really can’t lose if you love what you’re doing. Life is too short to let others cut you down and keep you from your dreams. There’s always someone out there who will give you an honest opinion before publishing, but there’s no need to beg for reviews. Those who deem your work fitting will review it. Don’t hold your breath waiting for it, but it will happen eventually. Take advantage of information others give you, but do your research. The same things won’t work for everyone. If you feel like your books aren’t selling as well as others in the same genre, get a couple of them, read and compare. It may be something as simple as cover art. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Most authors who are self-published have small time success. We all dream of being big, but it’s how you measure your personal success that matters.


If anyone ever asked, I’d never tell them that I am a better writer than anyone else or that what I’ve accomplished is some amazing feat. I’ve gotten lucky to have met great writers, sold hundreds of books, gained publicity from my friends and enough fans to reach almost 650 likes on Facebook. I don’t go out looking for someone to tell me I should keep writing, I keep writing because it’s what I love. My advice to all those who are unsure: never stop doing what your heart tells you and you’ll know soon enough.


~Lisa Logue


“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” David Frost




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