As a reader you often wonder what kind of music you want playing in your ear as you read.

But as an author what kind of music do you listen to when you read. Do you wish you could get your readers to play that same music as they read your work?

As an author my answer is yes.

It sort of helps them get into the mood that you were in when you were writing.

Some people dance to and not listen to music, the words, the tone in which is being sang can put a person in a certain mood.

The emotion that is envoked when you get to a love scene and the girl is putting a show for her guy and Beyonce’s Dance for you is in your ear. It’s Perfect!

I think the one person who had such an Idea is El Jame with her Fifty Shades books. The music to set you in the mood.

Another example (but a movie) is when watching the Breaking Dawn scene when Bella and Edward finally make love and Turning page is playing. That song definitely made the scene for me.

So should author’s put a play list on the back page of their book, just to help their readers get in the right mood?


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