I think all authors will agree that the writing part of a books life’s span is the easiest part. First an idea comes into your head or in Stephanie Meyer’s case you have a dream that you just have to put it down on paper and share it with the whole world. The share part is where it’s all about. So you sit down with your pen and paper and write down the different scenarios that you want in your stories. (in my case a story comes from just one scene, it can be the beginning, the middle or the end), You go through this journey of discovering and developing your characters their homes, their friends and their lives. You try to live through them, see what is realistic or not. I believe that even fantasy writers want to stay real but yet push the envelope or engage in this debate or question what exactly reality is. Who says vampires really don’t exist?


Anyway, you want to be able to relate with the story that pours out of you as a human being because you know people out there will also believe it. The thing is, if you do not buy the fact that a gorilla can be purple no one else will. You write what you know is a perfect plot then you get on the laptop. You let the story come from your head, your heart and whatever other body part you use to create and into the computer. Then when you punch in the last full stop you are totally in love with what you have written what you have created.

The next step is getting a publisher or an agent to see and feel what you feel. You send them a query letter and in those few sentences you need to get in the guy’s face and say this story is bloody perfect. So after a hundred rejection letters you get that one guy who says alright then let’s give you a shot. You pray that you are paired with an editor who will be able to see your story in the same way that you did, and still be able to tear it apart and bring it back together in a way that makes sense or is deemed right in the literary world.

The editing and publishing process is done and your book is realised to the world. That is the scariest part for me. Having people you don’t know and who don’t know you read what you wrote and go like that’s pretty good or what the hell was that?


As writers we want to be able to sell our books, to please our audience and out readers. But what if you get knocked down so many times, you just want to delete Microsoft word from your laptop and just forget about this whole writing business. Some authors say it’s hard to break into this business but once you are a bestseller it’s worth it. As an author I think, no I know that I have been rejected more than I have been accepted. But once you get a reader who goes like I loved that book you feel like finally. These months of writing and editing and promoting my book, the bad reviews and the good reviews was worth it.


So to answer the question When do you say f*** it all to hell? Is NEVER.


This world wasn’t created for quitters. Write your book put it out there, get the thousands of good and bad opinions and let them help you grow as an author. When I wrote my first book I was doubtful to the end. Then I decided let me write a smaller one, let’s see how that goes first. I did and 5 Prince Publishers took a chance on me, Bernadette Marie stripped me bear to my soul (I wasn’t supposed to see it but you will never know how grateful I am that I did). Sure I’m not a best seller yet, but the reviews I have gotten bad and good have made me feel more confident in my writing today.

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