I asked bestselling author MJ Kane how she got to be a best seller in one day. Yep one day! She told me to let the readers get to know me and they will support me. Well here goes…


I was born in Nairobi Kenya on the second of February. I was raised by a single mother who would do anything and everything for us.  I use the name Ondego in the M.O in honour of her, Kenyan in honour of my origin and M is just my name Marita. There is usually this question when you do a blog tour do you put some of yourself in your books, I put everything of me in my books. The lead character, be it female or male is going through something I went through in my short twenty three years on this earth. The strong willed women, the nurturing ones who never gives up is usually a representative of my mother and well, if there is an absentee father…


Everyone I have run into or went to school with or hung around with will tell you that I am confident and outgoing, wrong. I don’t live in fun country but every single day I try to get a membership. I try not to let others approve of me but when need comes I will party with the rest of them. Because once I go into my shell into my thinking cap everyone immediately assumes there is something wrong with me. I would live in this other world in my head and at times find myself happier there. I would never get into the things that really interest me like theatre and music because I would be worried about what people would think. For the longest time I did not dare write because I did not want anyone to find it. Then I discovered Stephanie Meyers. Yep people are bound to go yeah right at this moment, but I was like if she can write about her dreams why can’t I. So I started writing a fantasy book and each time I tried to read it through I felt my heart drop. I just wanted to delete everything, get rid of it before anyone else saw it. But then I queried it and got more than a hundred rejections, if you have more I dare you to challenge me. I didn’t know why people wouldn’t want to work with me it was always the same thing, your work has merit but it is not right for my list at this time.



 Then I queried one of my contemporary romance books to 5 Prince Publishers and there they told me what the problem was. I won’t lie the second I opened that email I was like what the F***. But then I read through and no lie I started taking notes from it. I wrote everything down and started going through my books. And through the editing process I would also take notes and go through everything. So after six months Sue, Bernadette and I came up with Shades of Spring 1964; letters to My Daughter. I learned a lot from that process and the recent books that I have written have benefited from it. Now I can go through my manuscripts without wanting to delete everything.


I think I went off topic. I am an author by heart; my mind is filled with stories that I just have to get out. Right now I am working on a seven part series called THE NEWYORKERS. Authors like Melody Anne, the Billionaire series and Bernadette Marie of the Keller Family Series have inspired me to start a series of my own.


If you want to know a little bit more about me in my writing use the links in the side bar and buy my book Shades of Spring 1964; Letters to My Daughter. Maxine is a university student who loves literature. Her mother suffers from cancer and all the treatment that she had gone through failed. Maxine’s mother is taken home to die and each time Maxine is home, before she goes to sleep the second she opens her eyes, she wondered if that would be the day her mother dies. Her father is at her mother’s side, wasting away faster than his love is. Maxine is prepared not to lose just one parent but both of them. She finds Taylor and her fights with him seem to distract her from what is going on at home. But then the fights are not enough and she seeks him out a different sort of release a different kind of distraction. Sex becomes Maxine’s new remedy in the fight against her normal life. But when her mother dies Maxine finds something else to interest her. She finds her grandmother’s letters to her mother and there she discovers a secret she doesn’t think she could get over.


Please don’t be afraid to leave a review right here in my blog. If you absolutely loved it I would like to know and if you absolutely hated it let me know too. Although people say we all have our audiences I would like everyone to know about me and my writing.



  1. HI, M.O!

    Very nice blog! I enjoyed getting to know more about you. And believe me, we ALL go through that learning phase as we become a better writer. If 5P choose you, it’s because they see something in you. I loved the first chapter of your book and look forward to reading more!


  2. Hi M.O.,
    Beautiful post. I think everyone should know who you are. I’ve posted it to my facebook page and I’ve tweeted it. I can’t find you on twitter 😦 Do you tweet?

    Good luck to you and don’t give up!

    Write on!



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