For my book Shades of Spring 1964; letters to my daughter, I have gotten all three types of reviews. Asking someone to review your work is the easy part but reading what they wrote is the hard part. I love knowing that someone else read my book but I get anxious to know about what they thought about it. Before I get any further this is the synopsis of my book.

Maxine is a university student who loves literature. Her mother suffers from cancer and all the treatment that she had gone through failed. Maxine’s mother is taken home to die and each time Maxine is home, before she goes to sleep the second she opens her eyes, she wondered if that would be the day her mother dies. Her father is at her mother’s side, wasting away faster than his love is. Maxine is prepared not to lose just one parent but both of them. She finds Taylor and her fights with him seem to distract her from what is going on at home. But then the fights are not enough and she seeks him out a different sort of release a different kind of distraction. Sex becomes Maxine’s new remedy in the fight against her normal life. But when her mother dies Maxine finds something else to interest her. Maxine discovers letters that were written in 1964 from a woman and a man named Kristen and Robert to a girl called Lena. She discovers that Lena is her mother’s name. When she reads these letters she figures out how different her and Kristen’s lives were but how similar they were too. There she discovers a secret she doesn’t think she could get over.

So far I have gotten seven reviews and eight ratings for this book and have discovered how different people are in the literal world. Some would just read for the entertainment value but others seemed to be looking at every single thing that includes the phrases used. (I took notes on those)

Below are some of the reviews I have received and note that even though they are different they have one thing in common;

The death of someone close does lead to a desperate need for life affirming action, such as making love. The author missed a great opportunity here to use this to more fully let the reader in on Maxine’s emotions at this point. It should have been the point at which I really started to care for Maxine. Instead I was focussed on the sex without love, or indeed any emotional involvement between Maxine and Taylor at this point. The sex scenes themselves were, on the whole, handled quite well, although I doubt any woman would climax quite so frequently or so strongly every single time. Again, less would be more – it needs toning down a little. If the scenes were less rushed they would be superb.

Moments where Maxine could have come out more about her feelings surrounding her mom’s death were opted out for sex scene. Though the sex were pretty well done in this, I empathized more with the scenes where Maxine witnessed her mother’s departure from this world. Overall, I think the relationship between Maxine and Taylor was rushed and built upon assumptions; even more noticeably, I felt that the flashbacks to the past needed a lot more research.


This book was a wonderful surprise, though it was way too short!
That’s why I only gave it 4 stars. That and the fact that Maxine and Taylor’s relationship developed way too quickly for my liking.
I enjoyed their bickering, in the beginning, but they quicky jump into each other’s pants, which is a bit weird, though, hilarious.
Apart from that, this book is great! I really recommend it to everyone!

This book is different to anything I’ve read. It has a clever plot with likable and believable protagonists. Maxine struggles with her mother’s illness, while Taylor is a womanizer with a sensitive side. About half way through I couldn’t tell how the cards were going to fall, but for a short story a remarkable number of events happen and it was all wrapped up neatly at the end.


I loved this book. I found myself crying through some of the chapters. It is a very touching story and easy to identify with. The only down side to the book is that so short and I wanted to read more about Maxine and Taylor. Other than that the story is just great. I cannot wait to read more from this author.

Those are the reviews, get your own copy of Shades of Spring 1964; Letters to my Daughter. If you want me to feature it on my blog I will, good or bad.


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