Don’t you think that authors are a bit looney. They have all these people living in their heads and the only way to get them out is to write their stories. And sometimes that doesn’t even work and they have to write another and another and another and another….

On my all profiles (I just realized) on the bio I always write, “I listen to the voices in my head” Normally out there in society you tell someone you hear voices you are put in straight jacket. On this side of the pond, you are find yourself sitting on a rock in a forest in the middle of nowhere with a guy who is wearing a rumor of clothing dancing around you with a rattle filled with bones and beads. He sprays stuff on you, the favorite chicken blood, then dips you in a river somewhere to the point of asphyxiation in the name of cleansing you of all the evil spirits talking to you in your head.

By now you are wondering why is she telling us this? this is why, someone once told me write what you know. That the ONLY way you can write a good story is by writing what you know (due to my sales i might think she was onto something. I’m kidding) if we only wrote what we knew or what we experienced books would be limited to one genre or practically the same plot but different stories.

If we only wrote what we know I wonder where Brenda Davis and Stephanie Meyer’s met Liam and Edward, or where Nikki Davis met Kane and Ryne. Because I would like to meet them too. As authors we have the free will to dip into the craziest part of our minds, the fantastical area where it allows us to write about vampires, lycans ( I don’t want to say demons) and pantheras. there are no restrictions or regulations on how far we can take the fantastical being we conjure up in our minds. This is why I saw that authors, writers have got the crazies!

Don’t write just what you know, do not do yourself such a great disservice. Combine what you know, to give your story a piece or reality, with what you don’t know. Do not limit yourself to expectations that are not your own.

Own your crazy!


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