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Her red ruby lips hovered next to his ear. She was whispering something that only he could hear. her long red hair fell over her face and brushed along his pale, scaly skin wrapping itself around his neck as she gently bit his ear. She moved to his back, climbing and latching on like a baby monkey would do on it’s mother’s back. No one could see her eyes, but her red ruby lips burned bright in the darkness that surrounded them.

They all gasped as the light left his eyes. His brown smiling eyes, once offset by humor,  faded blue as it took on a form that was not of life. It’s new icy blue depths froze anyone who dared to look him in the eyes, calling on their souls and dragging them deep into a hellish existence. They bore an unimaginable terror.

They froze in shock as she coiled her snake like body around his frail one, her claws digging into his rotting flesh. Her red ruby lips pulled back in a snarl exposing her dagger like teeth. Those teeth sank into his neck as she sucked him dry. From a distance they could hear his mother’s heart wrenching cry. her son was lost.

They watched in silent terror, the sucking sound turning their ears deaf with disgust. They watched the movement of those red ruby lips as she smiled, the image of them burned into their minds.


One thought on “RED RUBY LIPS

  1. There is some very powerful evocative writing in this story, M.O.K. Great work. I really loved how you made the effort to point out ‘the sucking sound’, it made me cringe. I could vividly hear it. Thanks for contributing this week to Picture it & write, and I hope to see your work again soon! 🙂

    – Ermisenda


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