BRED FOR DUTY was previously called THE GUARDIAN DIARIES. This is because both Archer and Adalia kept a diary/journal. The book starts with journal entries that let readers into the minds of the main characters.

Adalia and Archer are guardians, they are winged ‘humans’ who have to guard and protect the supernatural realm, (more emphasis on this in my next book CHRONICLES OF AN ORADION)

There are two kingdoms, the North and the South. The kingdoms are separated by the color of the guardian’s wings. The North have white wings and the South have black wings. With the rise of the rebels the two kingdoms have to unite to ensure cooperation with each other. Adalia and Archer the first born of king Lionell and Gabrielle have to get married and their marriage a symbol of the unity of the two kingdoms.

Below are the first journal entries of the Archer and Adalia.



Dear world,

My little brother Noel was born yesterday and his birth brings the tally to six boys and three girls. I think father is making certain that there is an heir and a spare and a few spares for both the heir and the spare. I remember when I figured out my role in this world, as the future king of the Northern kingdom. My eyes took everything in and out of the white crystal palace. At first I only knew one color, white the royal color especially since everyone with royal blood is dressed in white plus the palace decor was white.

Anyway back to my growing family, my little sister and brother want to join me in my next battle or ambush against the rebels. I do admire their courage but I feel that they will hasten my demise. The big brother in me will not allow my siblings to go out in the battle field unprotected. They will only serve as a distraction but even if I die there are eight other royals eligible for the crown.

Tomorrow we are meeting with the royals from the South Kingdom; their women are coming in to see the new baby while the men will be planning ways to rid ourselves of the rebel nuisance. I never considered that there was anyone more beautiful than my mother but I have heard stories of the queen Liora and her awestruck beauty. It is said that their daughter, Adalia, bears her mother’s good looks and her father’s bravery and courage. The whole royal family will be here tomorrow; I will get a chance to dispute or confirm the rumors. Especially since Adalia is to be my bride.


Dear Diary,

Mother says I should act more like a princess and less like a gladiator. A princess is never heard of, she says. She’s supposed to be delicate and as sweet as a song bird. But how could I, if I was father’s son for the first four years of my life. I watched him train with the other soldiers and that is all I know. Besides I don’t think anyone will look past my mother’s beauty and focus on me.

Liora is beautiful and I’m sure Aphrodite cannot hold a candle to her. She is not only queen of the Southern Kingdom but also of beauty. I will be queen one day but I will take a much more active duty. I understand my mother’s want to be a mother but I don’t understand why she had to put down her sword because of it. My father refused to let her join him in battle but when I become Queen I will go to each and every battle. I will not throw away my passion for marriage, why, when my brother Randi can produce more heirs if needed.

Tomorrow we go to the Northern Kingdom to congratulate the royal family on the birth of their new prince. I know the visit is just a facade to cover the fact that father is going for a strategy meeting, why else would General Conan come along. I haven’t picked a present for the prince or his parents yet, I’ll let mother take care of that for me.

The visit will allow me to access their military power and see what kind of help they will need from us. Diary it’s time for me to make my rounds and check on the guards. Let’s just hope that tomorrow’s visit bears fruit.


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