First of all let me start by saying that last night I watched Breaking Dawn part two. It was a beautiful movie although some parts did seem a bit choppy. It was like they were trying to get in all the good parts. My heart stopped a couple of times when Carlisle, Jasper, Seth and Leah were killed. I wanted to leave the cinema thinking that they had changed the movie. But thank God it was just a vision.

Anyway back to the “Happily Ever After Effect’ i think the reason why Twilight was so successful besides the obvious and other romance novels is because the readers know no matter what happens or how many books the characters lives are written in there is always that one point that the writer is taking them to, the Happily Ever after. Every little girl who read a fairy tale book always go to the end and read that fateful line ‘…and they lived happily ever after.

I think it is safe to say that people at times love to live their lives through others. Like living life as Bella or Edward, having that romance and disappearing in it knowing that it is safe to go through those emotions with the character, to cry with them, laugh with them and swoon with them. Usually when I finish reading a happily ever after book or watching a movie like that e.g twilight I have this calm feeling that washes over me, like yup she got the guy and now she’s happy. When I left the cinema last night, I was pretty riled up because of the torturous scene that the movie people decided to put in there. But this morning I had this, it was so beautiful, I can’t believe it’s over and this calm feeling like I am happy they got their happiness.

So I think in Romance Novels it is important to have ‘The Happily Ever After Effect’ give your readers a chance to be happy even though its through some fictitious character.

I can’t wait for the new Saga to come on. I would nominate my own, but its not published yet. But we’ll see. I will let you guys know.

Until then have a happy day.



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