Charleston High 2006…

“It’s almost prom superstar. Have you chosen your ‘Prom-sacrifice’?”

Ryan Carville studied his best friend, at odds at what to say. He snickered and looked around the crowded lunch room. His ‘Prom-sacrifice’ had to be someone none of his friends had been with, an untouched, unused girl. His football teammates had a long running game that was off the field. They would taste a girl who represented a different sort of category, height, weight and color. So far it was five for five and Ryan had been able to bag the best five. Now in addition to his prom date he had to choose his ‘Prom-sacrifice’. This had to be done in the presence of the whole football and cheerleading team, this way they knew who was untouched.

His ‘Prom-Sacrifice’ had to be a virgin.

“So have you Ry?” The little blond smiled up at him. He stared at the top of her cheerleading uniform, sure that the sweetheart neckline that showed off her cleavage and the top of her round breasts were against school regulations.

Ryan stared at his girlfriend the captain of the cheerleading squad. He often wondered why his sexual activities had never bothered her. She was even the one to convince him into the ‘United Tastes’ game after the cheerleading squad had told her that his innocent demeanor was quickly making him unpopular. He went along with it, especially since he had finally gotten his football scholarship from Oregon, he knew High School would soon be over.

He watched as Clara’s head whipped back to the crowded lunch room, her blond bouncy locks flying with the motion. “How about… her?”

Ryan lifted his eyes from his girlfriend’s golden ringlets to the crowd. There was a group of girls where Clara was pointing, and obviously they were all from the Math’s Club. He smiled, a bit of hope tugging at his heart strings. Maybe, just maybe Clara did care. That was why she was pointing towards the less popular girls in school. “Who?”

“The girls at the math’s club are so lame.” His best friend Matt said. Matt was also the other reason why he had joined the United Tastes club. His popularity was dwindling faster than Ryan’s. He had appointed himself the club aficionado, the score record keeper (that may be the reason Ryan won) and the camera guy. “We don’t want him to learn about the square root of pie whilst his between her legs.” He scoffed.

“One I already know the answer to that, and two that is a big club. I don’t want them to find out about it and destroy my football career before it starts by killing me.” Ryan teased.

“They could definitely do that. Especially the big one, if she sits on your leg that is it.” Matt teased.

Ryan forced a smile. He needed the school year to be over already. He needed to get away from this psychotic group and hang around normal people.

“I for one don’t think you’ll make the big leagues.” Clara said with a smile, “But I was talking about the girl behind the math-dorks. The squad already did a background check on her. She’s a loner and most importantly a virgin. She doesn’t have any friends so you don’t have to worry about a group of ugly ducklings hunting you down. Plus she needs someone to pay attention to her, even if it’s for only one night.”

“I don’t know.” Ryan looked at the girl sitting all alone. She was eating her lunch her head down the whole time. It was like she was worried of someone noticing her. Unfortunately for her Clara had already seen her. There was nothing and no one who could save her now. But the sooner he got it done the better. He didn’t even know her name and he was already planning on how he was going to rob her of her innocence.

“If you choose her, I will make it worth your while.” Clara smiled at him suggestively. And when she winked at him, his heart and his penis skipped.

“Alright,” he said a slow sly smile creeping on his lips. Being with the Prom-sacrifice was a small ‘sacrifice’ in order to get to be with Clara again. Their sexual relationship was based on a reward system. If he scored a touchdown, or was the leading scorer or did something that would make her more popular, he was rewarded with sex.

He sighed as he stood up, and then took a step towards his ‘Prom-sacrifice’.


Kennedy moved her lunch around her meal tray. She always kept her head down; the last thing she wanted was someone to notice her. Already she had gotten offers to join the mathletes, which she obviously turned down. The only reason they knew about her, was because the school math’s professor had asked her and she turned the offer down. And now the club members were hounding her trying to recruit her. At first she thought about joining, but the situation at home forced her to change her mind.

Her life was not her own. She had to help her mother with her ailing father. Her mother worked nights and took care of her father when she was in school. She had to get off from school and be at home before five, so that her mother could take off for her job. The math’s club ran from four to six pm. Although she knew they would probably allow her to leave early, it would mean she would have to tell them about the situation at home. She didn’t want her personal life on the lips of strangers.

Kennedy had this eerie feeling that someone was watching her, and when she lifted her head, she could see the whole football and cheerleading teams staring at her. She pulled her hair out of its knot at the back of her head and pulled them forward to cover her face. After a few seconds she looked up again and met the unblinking stare of Ryan Carville. She felt her whole body go limp and her heart race when he started walking towards her. She looked behind her just to make sure if there was someone behind her. Her warm bubble blew in her face when she saw the Hollywood group sitting behind her. They were the princesses with expensive clothes, jewelry and make-up on.

She sighed and sat up. But just as she begun to pull her hair back, Ryan slid into the bench of her lunch table. Kennedy looked at him puzzled and lost for words.

“Hi!” he said as he smiled at her.

“Uh…Uhmmm…,” Kennedy cleared the knot of nerves bundled in her throat, and finally said, “Hi.”

“My friends and I were wondering if you would like to come watch us practice after school.” The drawl in his voice pulled her in. And as if that wasn’t enough the sparkle in his blue eyes, brought out the jet black color of his hair. Kennedy’s eyes wondered around his face, noting his dark skin, that she knew was from playing out in the sun. His arms were thick, a thick vein running along his arms, the sleeves of his t-shirt, stretched to the limit. And his smile, he deserved to be in toothpaste commercial.

“Yes, I mean…I mean no, sorry I can’t come.” She quickly said.

“But why?” He smiled at her once again and his hand reached out to hers. Kennedy’s heart jumped into her throat, a sliver of shock running through her body. His finger went on to drawing circles in her palm, “I promise to make sure you have a lot of fun.”

“I,” Kennedy cried out when his ministrations drugged her body with need, “I’m sorry I can’t.” Just then she wished she didn’t have the family that she did. That she could be able to say yes to Ryan and follow him about like a sick puppy.

“That’s fine, maybe next time.” Ryan said before he stood up and left.


Maybe next time, the words echoed in Kennedy’s mind as she stared at her oddly shaped body in the mirror. Why would he want to be with her in the first place? A disgusted frown claimed her lips as she tried to look for a positive part of her body. She wasn’t fat, but she was bulgy, her braids were odd and due to be taken out. Her dark skin seemed ashy and unhealthy. There was not a single thing beautiful about her.

In a mindless rage she grabbed her bottle of lotion and flung it at the floor length mirror. She grimaced when the loud sound of glass shattering was followed by the sound of the pieces of glass crushing into the ground.

“Kenny?” she heard her father’s exhausted voice calling out to her.

“He doesn’t even know my name. He didn’t even get my number.” She whispered in terror. How was he going to be able to contact her again? She let out a whine as she stomped off towards her father’s frail calls.


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