for the past two months Ermilia has been nice enough to let me pick my fav story out of the picture it and write and give them a gift card. This months NICHOLAS JAE is the WINNER CONGRATS!!!

No matter how long or how often I showered, it never felt like it got me completely clean. It had to be baths, always baths. They were the only thing that brought me comfort in this world, made me feel whole and clean, like life was worth living again. Perhaps it was the simple act of remaining motionless in the still waters that really opened up my mind, helped me to focus on my journey ahead. I frequently asked myself hypothetical questions that had no answers while contemplating tomorrow’s breakfast, each thought blended with each other with no dam to hold back the flood of memories and hopefulness. “Maybe tomorrow will be different,” I would think to myself, slightly disappointed at the days events. “But I doubt it.”


One thought on “WINNER OF JANUARY 2013 $10 AMAZON GIFT CARD.

  1. Hey Mokauthor,

    Thank you again for hosting another small competition. I bet Nicholas Jae is very excited. You are very generous. I’d love to read one of your contributions to Picture it & write soon. 🙂

    – Ermisenda


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