Charleston High 2006…

“It’s almost prom superstar. Have you chosen your ‘Prom-sacrifice’?”

Ryan Carville studied his best friend, at odds at what to say. He snickered and looked around the crowded lunch room. His ‘Prom-sacrifice’ had to be someone none of his friends had been with, an untouched, unused girl. His football teammates had a long running game that was off the field. They would taste a girl who represented a different sort of category, height, weight and color. So far it was five for five and Ryan had been able to bag the best five. Now in addition to his prom date he had to choose his ‘Prom-sacrifice’. This had to be done in the presence of the whole football and cheerleading team, this way they knew who was untouched.

His ‘Prom-Sacrifice’ had to be a virgin.

“So have you Ry?” The little blond smiled up at him. He…

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