RYNE 3RAYNE MATHEWS has lost everything she holds dear to her life, her family and her childhood home. She contemplates life on the streets when a nanny job comes up. With demons from her past chasing after her, she figures that maybe living in the exclusive Hampton area taking care of a little girl wouldn’t be so bad.

KANEANTONIO KANE BURKE used to be in love, and he was in love with love. His had married the love of his life and was expecting his first baby. But then life plays a dirty trick on him, taking away his most precious Maria. What Antonio finds crueler is that he is left with a little girl he doesn’t think he could love.

RYNE 2RAYNE immediately falls in love with little Alexandria Burke, her laugh, her sweet melodic voice and how innocent she was. However, the sadness in little Alexandria’s eyes tugs at Rayne’s heart. When Rayne tries to make her happy, she realizes that the house of doom and gloom couldn’t spare a single ray of sunshine into the family because of Antonio.

KANE 3ANTONIO has to live under his father’s shadow, knowing that old man Kane Burke could take away the company anytime he wants. He doesn’t have time for his daughter let alone her nanny. But when one thing leads to another Antonio can’t seem to see a future without Rayne.

But how does he convince Rayne that he loves her, weeks after meeting her. When in the four years he had his daughter, all he felt was coldness towards her. Maybe Rayne is just the girl to thaw him out.

Below is an excerpt of ‘I LOVE YOU’ or ‘DON’T SAY I LOVE YOU’ (haven’t decided yet, maybe you could weigh in)



Antonio stared at her like he had never laid eyes on her before. But then he knew who she was, her lips had haunted his dreams and he didn’t like it. The more he thought of her the less he thought of Maria. “What do you want?”

He saw the look of shock on her face before determination replaced it. His plan of being hostile wasn’t working, on his part anyway. His body seemed to be reacting and going against his mind. “What’s your name anyway?”

“Rayne Matthews.” She hissed through clenched teeth.

“Rayne,” he begun.

“Miss Mathews.” She corrected.

Antonio chuckled then started off towards his bedroom, “Miss. Mathews what can I do for you at this ungodly hour.”

“I wanted to speak to you about Alessandria’s birthday.” She said as she followed him into the room.

Antonio stared at her in shock as she walked past him at the door and into the room. He couldn’t overcome the feeling of how right she looked being in his living room. He couldn’t explain where his feelings for her were coming from. But he thought it could be because he hadn’t been with another woman since his Maria.

“Of course, come in.” he mumbled as he begun to shed off his suit.

“I was thinking that maybe we could do something special for her.” She went on.

Antonio stopped listening when she mentioned birthday. Sure it was Alessandria’s birthday but it was also the day Maria died. There was nothing to celebrate. He usually spent that day locked in his room drinking himself in a stupor, clutching Maria’s photo to his chest while he wept. Antonio mourned in private, afraid that if his father saw him break down he would call him weak.

He took his shirt off and had the pleasure of seeing her fall silent as her eyes scanned over his body. Antonio knew he had a good physique; he spent hours in the gym trying to release his pent up aggression and some stress. His ripped body was the result of that work out. Antonio watched as her chest heaved, her eyes darkened with desire and when her tongue licked her plump lip, and that was it. He took two long strides and his body was up against hers. He waited for that anger he had seen days before to push him away, but she didn’t.

She seemed lost in the desire building up between them. Her hands smoothed over his muscles and he felt his body burn at her touch. His breath grew raged as his pants tightened around his hard on. He wanted to plunge into her, feel himself move inside her, hear her cry out his name. He lowered his lips to hers and seized them. The kiss was just as he expected, sweet and powerful. They engaged in a quick sprint towards insanity as their lips molded against each other, building up this need to tear into each other.


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