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M. J. Kane

Family squabbles happen all the time, no matter what background you come from.  Disagreements stem from a wide variety of issues: money, whom you love, career choice, housing, rearing children…the list goes on.  Because they are your family- parents, sibling, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins- they will always feel the need to share their personal opinions about the decisions you make. Solicited or unsolicited.

How do you handle a situation when you address your family with a life change that you are passionate about, and find the support you’ve been depending on for years is snatched away because they disagree?

Do you take their opinions as personal and break ties with your family? Do you cower down and give in and forsake your wants/needs/dreams? Or do you step away, regroup, and think the matter through…become the bigger person and approach the matter again with the intention of mending the relationship…

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