“You can be flat on your ass, but still be a winner.”



Charles Ayres heard plenty of Wizard of Oz jokes growing up in Kansas. After finding himself on some seedy dance floors of Kansas City, his quest for love and glamour – and his penchant for all things Japanese − carried Charles from Dorothy’s homeland to New York to Tokyo.

Impossibly Glamorous follows his exploits with Goth raver lesbians, hot men, and not-so-hot men, culminating in a long term love affair with Japan. His journey from ugly baby to Asian media personality touches on tough issues such as coming out gay in Kansas, domestic violence, substance abuse, and how to bounce back from any kind of adversity with only a faux fur coat and a cavalier skip.

Described as American Graffiti for those who grew up in the 90s, the short and readable book relates Ayres’ childhood mishaps, journey through working and middle class Americana, his coming out of the closet as gay in Kansas, and his eventual career as an entertainment personality in Japan. It’s funny, readable, with a similar audience to Sex and the City and David Sedaris – but also touches on the types of issues addressed by the “It Gets Better” project, encouraging people to hang in there through discrimination, loneliness, poverty and substance abuse. Most of all, readers can enjoy Charles’ vibrant personality and storytelling – deep down, he’s still a sweet Midwestern kid with a good heart. We’d be happy to send a paperback or Kindle copy for review and/or giveaway, please let us know.

Charles is a translator, media personality, and writer published in Harper’s Bazaar Japan and Metropolis Tokyo. This is his first book.

Press Release:

Gay and Straight, Critics Love Impossibly Glamorous,

A Hysterical New LGBT Memoir by Charles Ayres

Request a FREE paperback or digital REVIEW COPY from literary agent Cristina Deptula at Also, contact Cristina for author interview requests with Charles Ayres.

Now bookstores can purchase Impossibly Glamorous from Ingram on standard terms! ISBN (print edition): 978-0-615-62048-0.

Critics across the world love Impossibly Glamorous. But don’t just take our word for it:

“I enjoyed this book. It is breezily written and Charles seems like a really fun person.”

Michael Musto (columnist), The Village Voice

“What a life he’s lived and how well he tells the story!”

Donna Sachet (writer, activist, gender illusionist), The San Francisco Reporter


“Ayres is a master story-teller and I enjoyed his take on the Japanese, the Japanese media and ‘talento’ scene, (and) pop culture”

Peter Lackner (director), Japan Today

“Through it all, Charles’ humour, humanity, candour, unquenchable thirst for life and rare insight into the slings and arrows, cut through the crap like a blazing shooting star. ”

-Jack Scott, (bestselling LGBT author) Perking the Pansies

“Ayres’ writing style is so forthright and amiable that one can read about his life as easily as if you were sitting at the bar with a good friend, sharing a couple of cocktails and kvetching about lost loves, crazy co-workers and the latest fashion fads.”

-Sarah Melton, (columnist) Synchronized Chaos Online Magazine

“This book is really bawdy.”

-Grandma Betty



SALES CHANNELS: Bookstores can order via Ingram on standard terms. The digital edition will be marketed by Smashwords., Sony, Apple, Kobo, Diesel, Overdrive, and other retail platforms.

Impossibly Glamorous print edition available via Impossibly Glamorous Studios. Digital edition released with assistance from Fearless Books.





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