omething that I learned very early in life is that sex controlled a lot of things that grown up do. It’s a mode of trade really. If we went back to the battering days, it would be a commodity or a currency. Maybe if it was people wouldn’t be so fascinated with it, yeah right. It is used in a less formal way, in the private quarters of husbands and boyfriends, wives, girlfriends and mistresses a wand of power. In a teenager’s life, it is a commitment to some, and to others it is a way to get a boy they like to like them back. Honestly I think that if you are under the age of twenty five you should keep away from it. At twenty five you have got your life together. You know where you’re headed and are at a better head space to handle the consequences.


n my book SHADES OF SPRING 1964; LETTERS TO MY DAUGHTER, it is used as a way to feel. Maxine is in college and after her mother’s death she is left feeling so numb. She’s dumped her boyfriend and can only turn to her literature class partner, Taylor to help her feel again. She goes into total attack mode, giving it all she’s got until Taylor has no other choice than to fulfil her wishes. Taylor is caught up in this flood of emotions rushing through him not knowing if Maxine is experiencing the same thing. She isn’t. Not exactly.



he book is a contemporary romance and not a historical. I have had a reviewer say that when they got the book they were excited about reviewing a historical. The description clearly says Interracial Contemporary Romance. Anyway, the reason it’s got 1964 on the title is because Maxine finds letters dating back to 1964 in her mother’s possessions. So when she’s not doing the horizontal rumba with Taylor she is reading these letters. All the emotions Taylor hopes she feels come from these letters.


Romeo and Juliet thing to some extent. Kristen and Robert (not the twilighters) aren’t allowed by society to be together. Some readers pointed out that in 1964 interracial dating was allowed, no it wasn’t. And if it was, not everywhere.  The Anti-miscegenation laws existed in the United States until it was ruled unconstitutional in Loving v. Virginia by a Supreme Court in 1967. Anyway back to the book. Robert fell for his chamber maid Kristen. He went on with his societal duties as expected, marrying a girl chosen by his parents and running his father’s plantation. Kristen finally realising that she wouldn’t have more than just sex with Robert, marries her neighbour. But that marriage kicks Robert into gear and he convinces Kristen to run away with him. That doesn’t end well, because Robert’s brother tracks them down and kills Kristen. The bastard, I know! Realising he can’t live without the love of his life Robert hangs himself. Spoiler Alert!



he novel goes back and forth. The reason for it is to show how different relationship priorities were in 1964 and present times. As Robert and Kristen were only trying to keep their heads down, Maxine and Taylor’s only priority was sex. Taylor soon realises that he sort of likes not completely loves this infuriating girl. Maxine at the moment has only one priority, to find out what happened to the people in the letter. She also can’t help but draw comparisons between R&K’s love story and what is going on with her own life. She finally figures out that those were her grandparents. Something else she realises is that Taylor is the son of the man who killed her grandmother. Hold on, I should say adoptive son. How crazy do you guys think I am?


HADES OF SPRING 1964; LETTERS TO MY DAUGHTER has been out in the world for almost a year now. If you guys like this crazy way of describing my book, share it with your friends and get a copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords or All Romance. Then look out for my insane mind at work in other books. It’s been a pleasure.


Oh! yeah, the excerpt. Down below

The hesitation was back in his eyes but this time she wasn’t going to convince him. She sat back on his desk and picked up a book she flipped through it as he made up his mind.

“Why are you doing this?” He said once he managed to find his voice.

“I want to.” Maxine put down the book and hopped off the desk, “You didn’t seem to have a problem with it before.”

“I wasn’t thinking before.”

“Then let’s not think tonight too.” She locked her fingers behind his neck and rose to her tip toes, “No one is getting hurt. We are two consenting adults.” Her warm breathe whispered against his neck and his body shuddered. She felt his hard flesh press against her belly and she chuckled, “I know you want to.”

It was obvious that he wanted to, and it pained him to refuse her, to refuse sex but he had to. “I don’t want to, I mean I can’t.”

Maxine felt his hand hold on to her waist. He wanted to that was obvious but he just wouldn’t let himself surrender to what she wanted. She dropped to her heels and dropped her hands to her sides, “Okay,” she pushed out of his arms and walked back to the desk, “you wanted to discuss the book earlier on, so let’s do that.”

“Are you serious? No sex?”

“Maybe not for you,” Maxine began to bait him, “But when I’m done here I intend on calling Dave.” She turned around and let it sink in.


3 thoughts on “SEX; THE ONLY WAY TO FEEL

  1. I like the fact that you didn’t base your story on the same old, boy meets girl and they run off to live happily ever after. You are right. Back in 1964 inter-racial relationships were taboo. I remember when I told my father I was dating a Mexican boy he had a big fit. (I graduated in 1973) So I know exactly what you are talking about. I commend you on writing on this subject. People don’t realize how things have changed for the better. Good job! Looking forward to reading it. Robynn


    1. thank you.
      Some people didn’t get it. They kept on saying that there was no racial segregation at that time. At that time my country wasn’t even independent.

      Thanks I hope you enjoy it.


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