What do you do when you have committed the ultimate no no? You keep the secret for as long as you can.
Charlie Montgomery has kept her child a secret for six years. But when push comes to shove she has to bring in her baby’s father to help her.
Reece Morgan wanted it all, the family, the house with the white picket fence and maybe a dog. But all that is taken away from him in a night. The woman he thought was his future just abandoned him.

ce6Charlie Montgomery has always wanted to be a star in her own right. The only child of a General in the joint chief of staff, she is tired of living in the shadow of her father. Tired that the only reason why the F.B.I let her in was to appease her father. But when she is there she meets a roguish man who is also on the fast track of his career. Should she live under his shadow too?

ce5Reece Morgan is the F.B.I superstar. He built his career of profiling criminals and putting them behind bars. His perfect record has him up for a promotion, to be the director of his own field office. His career on the right track, Reece feels like it is time to put his life in order, and Charlie Montgomery is the center of it all. Imagine his surprise when he wakes up, his fiance has disappeared and so has the life he had planned.

C10Reece Olivia Morgan has been born in a world she did know could be so cruel. Her mother kept her away from her father for six years, and her father is too angry to hear reason.

But when she is kidnapped, Charlie is able to fool Reece into helping her find their daughter, without telling him he is a father. But when Reece discovers the deceit he is angry and hurt. He puts his daughter as first priority and plans on taking full custody when she is found.

Read the scene that has been playing in my mind below;

“Lee!” she heard Reece call after her but she didn’t stop. But when he called her once more, her legs froze in place, “Charlie Montgomery don’t walk away from me again.”

She could feel his hands on her arms as he spun her around. Everything around her seemed to be moving in slow motion as her eyes locked on his. In that second when she saw all the love in his eyes, she almost broke. If the anger hadn’t shadowed all the love she would have told him everything and begged for forgiveness. But her anger matched his.

“We need to talk about the past six years.” He groaned.

“I can’t. I need to think about the past six minutes of my life.” She tried to step of his embrace but he held her tighter, “I need to get her back.”



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