When I watch a scene out of a movie or a series and I feel warmth in my heart, the sort of warmth that tingles within.And the only way out for this joy, yes joy, is through your tears.

Tears of happiness.

That is important to me when I read, write or watch a romantic story.
fort 7

Recently I started watching One Tree Hill from the first season to the ninth. Yes, many of us were obsessed with the series. We had our favourite jocks, cheerleaders, coaches, moms and cafe. I was loyal to the series to the point I drove everyone around me insane. But when it reached season seven and the Peyton and Lucas characters did not return, I felt betrayed. I boycotted the show. Ask my sisters I have a habit of boycotting stories I don’t like, my recent one is Shonda Rhimes’Grey’s Anatomy, we all know why, #Slexie.

fort 9
Anyway,as I was saying. Season one to six, the story was about these two brothers and how they go from a life of ignoring the other’s existence to depending on each other drew me. I have three half siblings and my relationship with them is totally different from the one I have with my two sisters.
Season one to six, it was about the brothers and their maniac of a dad.

fort 2

fort 3
When I got over my ‘boycott’ I started watching clips from the internet, and in each clip I watched my interest grew more and more. Strangely enough season seven to nine pulled me in. I discovered this love story that I had totally given second string to.

The #Nailey romance.

fort 4
What was important to me in Hailey and Nathan’s romance was not the break ups, or the outside influences. The centre of that love story for me was Nathan Scott (played by James Lafferty ) and how much he loved his family. Its inspiriting how James plays Nathan. I come from a single parent home. My mother is my queen, my soul. I never had that ‘Dad’. The sort of dad that Nathan is. You could see that his love for his family routed from his love of self. Nathan had issues. In the beginning he was an arrogant jerk. But he changes because of the love that he feels for Hailey. Not change, adapts. He grows and evolves into this strong man, dedicated husband and a full on dad. I like the parts he saves her from a burning piano, and from drowning himself. It shows his presence, hid duty to protect.


fort 5


So I write romance because there are people who have come before me with great romance stories. There are characters that exists that I want to be part of my life. I want to create a story that makes someone else just as happy as Nathan Scott’s family makes me. There is a presence of one owns mind, emotion and soul that I strive to achieve. I want that romance in my life. I want to walk into my home and find ‘a Nathan’ there to hold me when I feel broken, to love me when I feel weak and to just kiss me and make everything feel better. My rock, my pillar and my core.

fort 6
So until such a time I write romance novels. Some are short, some are long, some are predictable and others are unexpected. But in all my stories, lays a piece of my heart.
Naley one
Naley 2

The straight forward answer would be because I love everything romantic.



  1. I want a love like Nathan and Haley. They were perfect for each other. They love each other so much, and after everything they’ve been through, they chose to be with each other. 🙂


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