ce6Charlie Montgomery had always wanted to emerge from her father and her fiancé’s shadows. Her desperation surpasses her need for love and family. When a chance comes up to further her career she takes it. The timing is terrible, Reece Morgan has just proposed and they are planning a life together. Charlie infiltrates a mob family with terrorist ties. Three months later she discovers she is pregnant. But she already has her career booster in her hands and can’t bear to loose it. Charlie does the unforgivable; she hides the baby from its father, Reece Morgan and tells the mob boss, Alexander Corisi that he is the father of her baby.
ce5Six years later after waking up alone, on what should have been the best morning of his life, Reece Morgan finds himself in a case tied to Charlie’s father, General Charles Montgomery. Standing in the same room as the man who was supposed to be his father in law is too much for Reece to bear and his animosity shows. Reece now has to bite the bullet and accept a protection assignment of a little girl living in the General’s house. Barely an hour after he has custody of the girl, she is kidnapped. But the circus of events does not end there as Charlie returns home.
Charlie now has to get help from Reece without letting him know that he has a daughter. But there are so many issues between them that make working together a difficult chore. The danger surrounding them seems to have a protective effect on Reece as he begins to treat Charlie as if she had never left. But his sweet nature soon disappears when he finds out the little girl strapped to a bomb is his daughter.
Reece and Charlie are able to save their daughter, and in the end he asks her to marry him again. This time he doesn’t give her an opportunity to say no.

He could hear her moan as she rode him hard and deep. Reece smoothed his hands along her side up until he got to her breasts. Cupping her fleshy globes he kneaded into them until he heard her cry in delight. His hands moved behind her and pulled her down for a hard kiss. He wanted this to last forever, but he needed it to be over so that he could ask her. He held onto her as he lifted his ass of the bed, supporting himself on his heels. His hands moved under her knees and he held her in place.
He looked into her eyes and could see her desire burn deep for him. He wanted her to milk him for everything he had. He pulled his sex out of hers and watched as her nose scrunched in annoyance. He chuckled before plunging into her. His lips curled into a sly smile when he saw the shock in her eyes as she took in the length of him with just that one stroke. He felt her tremble on top of him as he rocked harder and faster inside her seeking her own release more than he did his. And when she threw her head back and screamed out his name, he let himself go over the edge with her.
She collapsed beside him, her chest heaved as she tried to steady her breathing. “Where are you going?” She reached for him as he rolled off the bed.
“Give me a second Lee.” He said as he fished the velvet box from his jacket pocket.
He was going to take the plunge, take a dive into the deep end throwing all caution to the wind. He hoped she would be there to catch him.
“What is that?”
He felt her hover over him and noticed she was looking over his shoulder. He cleared his throat and turned towards her, getting down on one knee. He knew he looked ridiculous, naked and on the cold floor on bended knee. But he still hoped that she would have him, just as bare as he was, flaws and all.
“When I look into your eyes, I swear I can feel my soul shiver. My heart aches to be with you every single second of the day. I love you; I want to see you round with my baby in your belly. I want us to have a home, a dog and maybe even a white picket fence.” He saw the smile of her face and his nervousness slipped away, “I want to spend every moment of happily ever after with you. I don’t want to be happy with anyone else but you. I love you and I would be honored if you would be my wife.”
“I would be honored if you would be my husband.” She said as tears rolled down her cheeks.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
“Take it as an absolutely.” She said as she threw her hands around his neck, holding him close to her.
“I want you to wear this. It’s not much but-,” he said as he slipped the modest ring on.
“It’s everything. I will never take it off.” She swore.
Reece pushed her onto the bed as his lips caressed the soft skin on her neck. He wanted to spend every waking moment devouring her like this, giving her pleasure that she knew only he could give her.


“Marietta Parks!”
“Keep your knickers on, I’m coming.” Marietta yelled back and the whole cast burst out laughing. She stuck her tongue out at the scowling man as she walked towards him. His silver head was covered by a turban and a flask of water hung from his neck.
“I would quit if you weren’t so damn cute.” He teased. “Why did you have to set a scene of your movie in the desert? Next time try the Caribbean or Iceland.”
“What’s up?” She expected him to hold out the script and point out where it wasn’t working but he didn’t. Instead he pointed out towards the two actors; there was something about the two leads that wasn’t gelling together.
“They don’t look romantic. Guns are my department, romance, not so much.” McKenzie frowned as he stared at the two actors who looked like they were uncomfortable. “At this point picking sand from each other’s eyes would look more romantic.”
Marietta flipped through her master script and read out, “‘-they share a desperate romantic kiss as a sand storm rises behind them-’ who wrote this crap?” She exhaled lost at what to do. She had already done her part, given them the worlds and described the scenario. It was up to Tobias and his co-star to make it look real, to make it romantic. She stared at the actress-Sarah Foy was the best in her generation-and she couldn’t help but feel sorry. The girl looked like she was fishing in Tobias mouth and not kissing him. And Tobias, he looked like he was about to gag.
“What do you want me to do?” Marietta exchanged a confused glance with the director. “You are the director, direct them.”
“You are the one who dreams up love scenes in the middle of the desert. Besides I have been married six times, if I was romantic I would still have my first wife, better yet my sixth.” He put his hand on Marietta’s back and gently pushed her forward, “You are the girl, and how would you want him to kiss you.”
“I thought he was the great Tobias Harden, the best sex on both sides of the pond. He can’t do a simple kiss.” Marietta pouted as she stomped towards the two actors, looking back only once to stick her tongue out at the director. She looked around for Suzy and Jessie; they were the one who vouched for the ‘dream boat’.
“This isn’t working.” Tobias said to her as Marietta walked towards them.
“No kidding.” Her hands akimbo she tried to think of someway a hero in one of her romance novels would make this work. “Sarah, you look like a fish drowning in a fish bowl and Toby; you look like someone is forcing you to swallow an eel. You are actors; I don’t care if you don’t find each other desirable pretend. We pay you to pretend, you make your living pretending.”
“I find him to be very sexy.” Sarah said as she winked in Tobias’ direction.
Marietta frowned and turned to face Tobias just in time to see the same frustrated expression on his face. “What about you, do you find her sexy?”
“Just run this scene by me again.” Tobias grunted.
“You two are in love. There are people with huge guns coming to kill you, plus there is a sand storm behind you. You feel like this is it, so you want this one kiss. The kiss has to be passionate, everyone has to shiver at how intensely passionate it is.”
“I’m not a magician.” Sarah whined.
“You’re telling me.” Marietta huffed in frustration and stepped in between them. “I think you are both trying to lead the kiss. Kiss me like you would a girl you are desperately in love with.”
“I’ve never been in love.”
“Join the club.” She looked him once over then decided to use his reputation to get the scene, “Kiss me like you are trying to convince me that… I am your moon and stars. That is before you ditch me the next morning. You lead, I’ll follow.”
Marietta stood staring at his ‘kiss me’ lips. They were beautiful, well molded. But she knew that they had been in traffic for a while. Her mind was running, thinking about how many women he had kissed and how many of those women he had taken to bed, and how many of those he had called the next day. She was too distracted that she didn’t notice him coming in for the kill.


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