When I watch a scene out of a movie or a series and I feel warmth in my heart, the sort of warmth that tingles within.And the only way out for this joy, yes joy, is through your tears.

Tears of happiness.

That is important to me when I read, write or watch a romantic story.
fort 7

Recently I started watching One Tree Hill from the first season to the ninth. Yes, many of us were obsessed with the series. We had our favourite jocks, cheerleaders, coaches, moms and cafe. I was loyal to the series to the point I drove everyone around me insane. But when it reached season seven and the Peyton and Lucas characters did not return, I felt betrayed. I boycotted the show. Ask my sisters I have a habit of boycotting stories I don’t like, my recent one is Shonda Rhimes’Grey’s Anatomy, we all know why…

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