My editor and I are working on a new IR/ Multicultural MS. I thought I could share an excerpt of the MS with you guys.

But first and introduction to the main characters.

KANE 2hey guys,Kane is a a half spanish no nonsense kind of guy. He has been working all his life to get his father’s approval. Finally things seeemed to be working out for him. He was vice president of his father’s company, a husband and a father to be. But when his wife Maria dies during child birth, he turn into an ogre. he despises his life and worst of all can’t stand to look at his baby girl.

RYNERayne has lost everything. Her whole family is dead, she lost the house to the bank and can’t find a job. She feels like she is being punished for her drug addiction days. She takes a job as a nanny for a little girl. When she meets Alessandria and her father Antonio she is sad to see how they do their best to avoid each other. But Alessandria fills a gap that Rayne’s dead baby has left.

here is an excerpt;

“About Rayne—” Kane began and Antonio turned to walk out of the office.
“What about Rayne, father?” He was ready to put his foot down. His father’s controlling interest in the company forced him to listen to Kane, but he didn’t have any controlling interest in his personal life.
“Are you sure of what you are doing? Are you sure it’s right to let Alessandria refer to Rayne as her mother?” Skepticism was his father’s main attribute.
“Rayne is the only mother she’s got. I’m going to marry her soon; I don’t see why we shouldn’t be a family now.” Antonio shrugged nonchalantly. For the first time ever he didn’t need his father to approve what he was doing.
“Who’s getting married?” Sofia sauntered into the room, a questioning frown on her usually perfect olive brow.
“Rayne and Antonio.”
“She doesn’t know of my intentions just yet, so please keep it to yourselves.” The last thing he needed was for them to scare her away.
“The man in the Armani suit is back.” Rayne met them in the foyer carrying a sleeping Alessandria in her arms. “It’s a bit early for you to be here. What went wrong?”
“Nothing.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek. “How is she feeling?”
“Better, but the medications keep her in an unconscious state,” Rayne mumbled and Antonio could see how stunned she was by the public display of affection.
“What about you?” He stroked her cheek and watched how she darted her eyes at his parents.
“I feel better.”
“Have you eaten?”
“The thought of food just makes me want to gag. I’ll just go put her down for a nap.” Rayne walked away.
“You got her pregnant.” His mother accused after Rayne was out of ear shot.

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