RED TEARS BLUE BLOOD  contemporary, romance novel. Being published by Secret Cravings with the cover art done by Dawne Dominique check out her page (Ps this is the first draft but am excited to show it off)

The question “How did it happen?” is asked twice at the beginning of the story. This is what sets the story off as Christoffer and Alma have to reconcile themselves with the tragedy that just happened in their lives.

“How did it happen?” In Christoffer’s story the question is asked towards the end of his introduction. Christoffer is the third child to the King and Queen and Denmark. This position in life gave him no responsibilities and no expectations. He was young, wild and free of obligations and he decided to live his life that way. Christoffer had managed to escape his mother’s ball and went to a night club. But his big brother, the Crown Prince decided to pick him up and save him from another reckless night. While they drove home they got into an accident that killed Lauritz and left Christoffer as the Crown Prince. His sister and the rightful heir to the throne had made sure that the burden did not fall on her shoulders by signing her rights away. Now Christoffer has to become the responsible man his brother was, while he tried to live with the guilt of his brother’s death.

Alma is a 21 year old student in Kenya. She is young and care free and in love. Her world seems to evolve around her boyfriend Kevin. Her story kicks off with them leaving the movies to go back to Kevin’s place. They had been dating for a while and decide that it is finally time to make their relationship physical. This is the first time for both of them, so in their nervous rush Kevin decided on taking a short cut through an alley. Bad idea. There in the depths of the darkness lay in wait a danger and fate that none of them expected. Their night of romance was invaded by men who wanted to rape Alma. But Kevin manages to save Alma and bares the punishment for his heroics. Their assailants decide to part Kevin with his head. The second time the question “How did it happen?” is when Alma is at Kevin’s funeral trying to make sense of his brutal murder.

Christoffer decides to escape the prying eyes by going to a university in the states. While Alma’s mother decided to send the trouble girl away after her suicide attempt. They meet in the campus pub when Alma’s elder brother introduces the two of them. Christoffer immediately learns why Alma’s brother, Austen, insists on walking Alma to her dorm whenever it got dark. The girl is afraid of her own shadow. Christoffer finds himself playing the protector role one night and Alma’s terrors go into new heights. Convinced that a group of sorority girls are out to kill her Alma runs to her room and arms herself with a butcher knife.

Soon the role of body guard is usurped and Christoffer cannot find a reason to stay away from Alma. He decides on asking her out on a date, ignoring Austen’s warnings about dating his baby sister and Jacky’s (Alma’s roommate) warning of Alma being emotionally wrecked and not one who could handle a relationship. Their evening of pizza and wine turns into a session of soul bearing on Alma’s part. Christoffer learns of her story and his gratitude to the fallen hero unfathomable. He quickly discovers that he is falling desperately in love with Alma. He decides not to tell her his true identity, afraid that it would scare her off more than it would appeal to her. They spent the night together in each others arms, doing nothing but crying and talking.

Alma finally feels comfortable with herself, and once the guilt of replacing Kevin fades away she is ready to admit her true feelings to Christoffer. But she doesn’t get a chance. Christoffer begins to leave the country occasionally attending to his ‘father’s company business’. Alma doesn’t ask for more information than is offered. She found out that the best part of him going away was his return. One night Alma finally decides she is ready to take the plunge. Her first time had always been planned to be with Kevin, but she has to convince herself that Kevin wouldn’t mind and besides he was dead but Christoffer wasn’t.

After they make love Christoffer finds his going away harder and harder each time. He feels like a love sick teenage girl, obsessed with the need to have Alma next to him, or having her text him during state business meetings and calling her just to hear her voice no matter what time it was. He decides a romantic getaway was in order. He was going to whisk her away to one of the kingdoms islands. The plan was just for the two of them but Austen and Jacky invite themselves and Christoffer decides that this would be the best time for Alma to meet his sister Alisa.

Alisa knows of his father’s plan to remove Christoffer from the throne and have her take over in his stead. The King looking towards the future has arranged for Alisa to meet a British Duke that he deemed suitable to be her husband. Alisa goes into the meeting her mind set not to like the man, but she couldn’t help herself. Besides being devilishly handsome, Edward is smart and is unwilling to marry her. Alisa sees it fit to put the man’s profession as a judge into good use on her part. She plots a scheme depending on her younger brother’s reputation of being reckless. They get to the island and Alisa meets Alma, she was everything that she wanted for her younger brother. Seeing Christoffer truly happy makes the decision to push forward with her plans easier, plus Alma’s pregnancy scare was an added bonus. Alisa marries the two without their knowledge and has Edward officiate it.

Christoffer and Alma go back to school still in their love bubble. But Britta, Lauritz (the first born son) ex girlfriend arrives in the scene. Her ambition to be queen has her pleading and begging for Christoffer’s attention. But when Britta realizes that an African girl holds Christoffer’s heart she sets out to ruin the relationship. She informs the King of Christoffer’s relationship and its irregularities and his father acts immediately. The King gives Christoffer an ultimatum, he either both returns home and marries a BLUE BLOOD or Alma and her family would be deported. Christoffer does the honorable thing and breaks up with Alma. He does his duties as the next king to perfection running around like a robot with no pleasant word for his father and worse ones for Britta.

Alisa is devastated by her brother’s new life, devoid of happiness. But when she gets a call from a tabloid publisher she knows that things would turn in their favor. She gives Christoffer a picture that showed that Alma was pregnant and immediately he leaves to be by his loves side. But it isn’t that easy. Alma doesn’t want anything to do with him. Christoffer now has to fight for his love and fight his father for his acceptance. A huge decision weighs down on his head; he would have to make a decision between the crown and his family.

The truth about his clandestine marriage to Alma comes out and Christoffer decides that his new family needed him more. But his father has one last trick up his sleeve. He kidnaps the new born baby and forces Christoffer to commit to annulling the sham marriage and marrying Britta. Left with no choice he agrees. He couldn’t live with himself knowing that Alma is being kept away from her son; he knew she wouldn’t forgive him. Alma is sneaked into Denmark without the Kings connections being notified. When she finally storms the palace she meets Christoffer and the King striking up their deal, and when the question is posed to her, Alma chooses her baby. But then a problem arises, everyone knows Alma is Christoffer’s wife and their first son was born into marriage and this automatically makes him the next King after his father. Although Alma is in denial, Christoffer sees this as his trump card over his father; he could have his cake and eat it too.

But then Britta comes up with solution for that. She poisons the little baby and shoots Alma. Grief stricken Christoffer sits vigil at his wife’s bed and on occasion goes to the NICU to check on his son. He feels guilty for being greedy, more than anything he wanted the three of them together and now he was on the verge of loosing them. But the attempted murder on both his child and wife seems to be a blessing in disguise. Parliament and his father give their approval to their marriage and recognize their son as the true heir. But with the goodness Christoffer still has to wait to see if he still had a family to celebrate in.

Alma finally regains consciousness. She wakes up to a life of a mother, a wife and a princess. Alma and Christoffer’s lives get the story book ending, as they both lived happily ever after


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