Each and every book an author writes, they leave a piece of them in the pages, in the paragraph and in a single phrase. Discover something about me.

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Shades of Spring takes you through Maxine’s journey of love and self realization. She quickly discovers that the past is so much like the present, only because people keep making the same mistakes. Love at the tie when essentially love was not a freedom we could not express freely, we could not enjoy it or share it. Through letters written half a century before she was born she discovers the power of two different kinds of love. The love of a mother for her child, and the true love between a man and a woman. She discovers the magnitude and learns its struggles and appreciates its immensity. In Maxine’s life, love starts to make sense from the pages of a few letters.
I walked to the back of the barn as he moved toward
me. The last thing I wanted to do was to make the gap
between us even bigger, but I needed him to know I
didn’t appreciate the presence of another woman in the
house. Right off the bat in our imaginary relationship, I
was becoming possessive.
“Are you jealous?” he asked me with lips curved into
an amused smile.
I wasn’t going to admit it to him. Our relationship
was going to be different. We were going to be equals;
this wasn’t going to be a master and servant relationship.
I remained silent and tried to walk past him, but he
blocked me with his body. It turned into a game. I would
try to run away and he would block me, but after a while
I let him catch me. He locked his arms around my waist
and kissed me. His kisses grew deeper and needier. I
trembled when I felt him lift up my skirt and struggle with
my undergarment. I was scared, but I didn’t want him to
stop. Anyway, you don’t need to know what happened
after that. All I can tell you is that it was the best night of
my life.
He walked me as far as he could that night. I didn’t
want anyone to see us hanging around each other, plus I
didn’t like the heavy cloud of silence and guilt that
seemed to follow us from the barn. He didn’t kiss me
again that night. My mother watched me with a curious
eye as I made my way to bed without supper. I didn’t
understand what I had done wrong, and being unsure of
how the next day would go made me nervous to the point
of having a sleepless night. I wanted morning to come so
I would know that we were, or would be, fine.
The next morning I went to work early. I wanted to
get there before Richard woke. I had this idea of
sneaking back into bed with him to undo any damage that
I may have done the previous night. The other servants
hadn’t arrived yet, so quietly I made my way up to his
room, grateful that the rest of his family had travelled
away for the night. I knew where his room was. It was the
last one I cleaned every day. The door was unlocked. I
pushed it open and saw he was still asleep in bed. Quietly
I made my way next to him, shimmied off my clothes, and
crawled in the bed. He didn’t turn me away. Instead, we
had a repeat of the previous night, and it was wonderful.
I left his room before the sun was up and started on my
chores. He came to see me before he left for work, and
that made me feel special.

The Mara Song takes you to the simplicity of life and love. Away from the influences and limitations of the busy city, Wakio decided to let her broken heart heal and let love in. But without courage in the face of disapproval, love cannot grow or flourish. Intimacy, vulnerability, strength and truth are the elements most important to Wakio when it comes to love. The power of love is only as strong as the lover. The heart is strong, once silenced by deceit and betrayal it will not lose hope for love. For it will make it beat more ferociously than before.
There is a beat being played in the plains,
The beat of life,
The beat of passion,
And the beat of everlasting love.
As the world taps into the earth,
As life grows out of the soil the beat sounds off,
Ushering in a new second that there is life in the universe,
The beat of the African drum,
The beat of the people’s and the animal’s hearts,
The existence of life in the trees and the earth beneath our feet,
The beat of the Mara Song.
Those words flooded into my mind as I made my way to the outside lounge. This was one of my favorite things. I had never before stopped to appreciate or acknowledge the existence of such beauty.


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