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In Denouement, Marietta takes you through her struggle with reconciling her husband’s cheating with the fact that her father never loved her. Her mind slowly unravels when she cannot come up with a single anyone would want to love her. She desperately tries to hold on to her sanity when everything around her seems insane. Tobias comes to her rescue. Making her see that there was so much of her to love, if only she looked deep inside.

“I don’t know if it slipped you mind but our lack of sleep was brought on by having sex.” He moaned as he planted kisses along her cleavage. He rose to his knees with her and placed her on the floor while he hovered over her, “The doctor said no sex for six weeks.”
“Five more to go, but he didn’t say we couldn’t do other stuff.” Marietta teased as she pulled at his jeans buttons.
Tobias growled at her as he pushed her t-shirt under her arms, exposing her belly and her breasts. He leaned towards her then pulled back, “You are leaking.”
“I forgot to pump.” Marietta swore under her breath.
“I’ll go get the babies.” Tobias volunteered.
Marietta cleaned her nipples with a warm wet towel and got comfortable on the sofa. At the rate at which she was leaking she would have to feed both of them at the same time. She stood up with a start when she heard a loud thud coming from the babies’ room.
“Toby?” there was no response, “Babe!” Something was wrong and she knew it. She went straight for the window seat. She dumped the cushions aside, as she clawed her way to the ply wood that separated her from her defence.
Her head snapped back when she heard Ted let out a scream. She couldn’t hear Tamey and it terrified her. Marietta fisted her fingers around the hilt of the revolver. It felt heavy so she assumed that there were bullets in it. But soon there wouldn’t be. There was a knowing ache in her gut that made her shiver. Marietta ran up the stairs determined to find her family’s attacker. She saw Tobias’ feet half way out of the door as she climbed the last few steps. She wondered where Mrs. Bennet was.
Marietta wanted to reach out for Tobias once she was standing over her but her attention was focused on the six foot man with the long trench coat and the baseball cap. She could see Mrs. Bennett across the room; her body slumped against the wall. Was she alive?
“What do you want Robert?” Marietta barked out her hand trembling.
When he turned around to face her, Marietta felt her heart stop. His cold eyes stared back at her, mocking her and yet she could see a hint of lust in them. She took a step forward but didn’t move any closer. Tamey was in his arms, she was asleep and unaware. This was how he liked to attack their prey when they were defenceless, innocent and oblivious to what was about to happen to them.
Marietta forced herself not to turn around when she heard Tobias grunt in pain, and when Ted cried out in fear. She wanted to soothe them, comfort them both but she needed to focus her attention to her little girl in that monster’s arms.
“Put her down. Take me. You’ve always wanted me right?” Marietta made herself sound like a little girl. The flash back of when she was eight years old came back to her. That was when she was old enough to know what he was doing was wrong, when she didn’t want to hurt anymore.
He didn’t respond, he just watched her. His eyes shifting from her face to the gun in her hand.
“Put the baby down and I’ll put the gun down. You can take me.” She smiled wearily.
Marietta tried to hide her surprise when she felt Tobias squeeze her ankle. She lowered the gun to the ground, close enough so that Tobias could reach it just in case. “It’s your turn put the baby down.”
“She’s so perfect. Just like you.” His voice filled her ears and immediately the terror settled within her. He had haunted her in her dreams and now he was here, trying to destroy what was left of her. “You were so perfect, so small so beautiful. I knew you were mine when you were born. I felt proud, lucky even.”
Marietta restrained the cry that was bubbling up inside her. She blinked her tears away knowing how violent he became when she cried, when she showed that she didn’t like what he was doing. She felt Tobias tremble and heard how his breath became laboured.
“I’m here take me.” She pleaded, “Just put her down.” Marietta looked over into Ted’s crib, he was still whimpering but the screams had died down.
“You’ll come with me?” She saw the excited look on his face and her gut wrenched. Marietta nodded forcing a smile on her face, “I have always loved you, you know that right?” He looked down on the baby and gave her a kiss that made Marietta gasp out in pain, “Can she come?”
“I thought you wanted me?” She steadied her voice.
“She’s still pretty small isn’t she? Maybe we’ll come back for her later. When she’s six years old?” he smiled, “Her lashes are just as long as yours. So beautiful.”
Tobias gave her foot another squeeze and she knew that the second he put the baby down, he would take action. But she wanted the violence out of the babies’ room. Whatever Tobias had planned would have to wait.

Amazon, Barnes and Noble
All secrets come out to light eventually. Forgiveness in love, that’s what Covert Affairs deals with. There is always that one person you know you can depend on in times of trouble. For Charlie, that man is Reece. We hide things from the people we love because of fear. Fear enslaves us to become lesser people than we actually are. Believing in your love, the people you love and forgiveness breaks the bonds of fear. Allowing you to grow more secure and stronger in your love. Charlie desired to be more in life. But her fear didn’t let her entrust the love of her life with er dreams. So lies built on lies, crushed down around her, but even then, fear of Reece’s hate keeps her from being honest.
“What is this?” Reece asked as he moved in front of the screen.
Charlie leaped over the table and took control of Daniel’s laptop. She had to reset the access codes, the whole time praying Dominic didn’t have the mind to be hanging around federal files. When the big screen went blank Reece turned towards her. He was angry; it was obvious in his taut rigid shoulders, how his biceps tightened in his arms and how his fingers balled into fists at his sides. And if that wasn’t enough, the murderous look he shot at her burned through her.
Charlie opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Her breath shuddered out and she had to tell herself to draw it in slowly. She swallowed hard as she got off the table and stood behind Daniel and Tim. But realizing they were in the path of Reece’s anger, the two stood up and moved away. Charlie’s eyes darted towards the door and for a second she thought about running away, but her feet were cemented to the spot.

Reece knew what he had seen and read. Although Lee had taken it down he had ample time to read it. The birth certificate did say Reece Olivia Morgan and Charlie’s and his names were also on it. Olivia wasn’t Corisi’s daughter, she was his.
“RJ,” he muttered as he remembered how Lee had called the child the day before. But what he couldn’t understand is how the woman had managed to keep her cool with the disappearance of their daughter. His eyes were drawn to hers as he watched her estimate the distance between herself and the door.
“You won’t make it. I can promise you that,” he roared at her. But when he moved towards her, Lee darted for the door. And just as she managed to open it, his hands grabbed her arms. He swung her about but never turned her to face him. Reece half pushed, half carried Lee into his office. He tossed her in and locked the door behind him.
“I can explain,” she said, her voice faltering.
“Explain.” Reece crossed his arms across his chest and leaned against the door.


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