Kennedy lived her life regretting how naïve she was in her teenage years. Thinking that if she had been a little bit more smarter she would have saved herself from ridicule. Good things often happen to good people, and when they least expect it. When she takes the time to look past the haze of regret she sees all the good fortune she has. Having carried the burden of regret fort so long, she doesn’t know how to live without it. Her regret holds her love for Ryan hostage. Now she has to lean how to live free without burdens and flourish in her love.
Kennedy turned towards the voice that had haunted her dreams for years. Ryan Carville was standing in front of her. His beautiful face went into a wide smile, slow and oddly seductive. She forced herself to smile back and she could hear her jaw cracking from the effort that it took. Her eyes took him all in and as much as she hated to admit it, he was still as beautiful as she remembered, if not more so. His shoulders were wide and defined. And from under his suit jacket she could see his biceps struggle to be set free. Ryan carried an indefinable aura of wealth and power and that set off a zing of awareness that zipped through her body. It took everything in her not to succumb to the warmth that welled up inside her.
“Who’s Riley?”
“Who’s asking?” Kennedy turned her body towards the bar, afraid that it would betray her and curl itself around the hunky man standing in front of her.
“Ryan Carville,” the rough tumble of his voice sounded nervous and unsure. And knowing that made her more confident.
“Bailey, and Riley is just a dear person to me,” she cleared her voice trying to eliminate the emotions buried deep within her. A sensation of regret slammed into her when she knew she had exposed her weakness.
“Is Riley here with you?” Ryan looked around the room and Kennedy could tell he was searching for the said Riley.
“It’s ten o’clock and if I know him as well as I think I do, he’s probably in bed,” she said with a smile.
“So do you like football?” Kennedy hesitated to answer the question. She disliked a lot of things that were related to Ryan a long time ago. “I’m a Rebel.”
Kennedy chuckled and his smoky eyes widened in wonder. Of course he was going to use the ‘I’m a sports star’ card. If he only knew he didn’t need it. “I’m a Bruins kind of girl.”
Ryan couldn’t suppress a smile at her unfounded challenge. He took a step back as if to steady himself, ready for the next blow she would serve him. “Can I buy you a drink?”
“From the quality of your suit, I guess you can afford it,” her honey glazed voice teased.
A short laugh emitted from Ryan’s throat, on the verge of a giggle. “What are you drinking?”
“Martini, shaken not stirred,” her lips had turned up into a sly smile. Her voice low and sultry woke up every nerve in his body.
“James Bond style,” he muttered as his head lowered to hers.
“No, my style. Don’t worry about getting me drunk. I have a room upstairs so I’m not driving anywhere tonight.”
“Are you sharing that room with anyone?” His mind raced as the tone in her voice had his erection fighting for freedom. It wanted to get out of his pants and into her, and he couldn’t blame it.
“No,” she pouted playfully as she leaned into him, toying with his tie. “I’m all alone and so lonely.”
The sound of a glass shattering broke the spell. Ryan lifted his head to see the bartender watching them. His face was flushed as he stared at Bailey in complete sexual desire. He wanted to shout ‘get your own girl’ but he couldn’t blame the man.
A smile passed over her lips as her fingers combed through her wavy hair. Ryan wanted to do that. He wanted to do that and a whole lot more. “Would you like some company?”
“I would love some.”
“Could I be that company?” he asked against her lips, his voice struggling to get through his clouded throat.
“But you’re a Rebel.”
“I hit harder than any clown with a hockey stick,” Ryan’s heart froze. Since when did he mix sports metaphors and sexual suggestions?
“Well then-,”


MOMOADwight Scott has trust issues. He expects the woman he loves to trust him more than she would love him. That way the trust is returned. Scott falls in love with Aurora Duncan, a beautiful blue eyed blonde cheerleader that he literally bumped into. He immediately knows that she is the one for him, gut instinct plus the rapid way his heart beat each time he was around her. He thinks the love is mutual, but Aurora betrayed him. Not because she betrayed his trust but because she didn’t believe in his truth. Scott needs Aurora’s trust more than her love and when he doesn’t get it he begins to forget about Aurora Duncan.
BLUE EYESAurora thought that she had found her one true love, a man she could truly trust. The reality was that Scott was that man but her past clouds her judgment. Her cousin cries rape and points the finger at the man she loves, Scott. Feeling betrayed and hurt Aurora starts a journey of destruction. But when the truth comes out, she tries to get Scott back but he wants nothing to do with her. Aurora has a trump card and she uses it. Blackmail is the only way she can get her man back.
“I didn’t ask you to take me to the E.R,” Aurora’s voice pierced through the blanket of silence that had settled around them. Dwight grunted then shrugged his shoulders, never looking her way. “You should watch where you are walking instead of looking at every reflection of yourself,” Again her statement was met by another non-committal shrug. “You are very arrogant. The Giant’s true Giant, what the hell does that even mean?” Aurora was getting desperate for a response. It wasn’t fun goading a person if didn’t even react. She liked sparring with words. That was something she had learnt from her private school days. That and that money could get you anything you wanted.
Dwight Scott was a giant. Just looking at him, she estimated he was six foot five and could possibly weigh 200 to 250 pounds. He wore his shoulder length jet black hair is dread locks. The goatee and moustache framed his mouth perfectly. Aurora leaned forward to get a better angle; the man was sort of beautiful. Who was she kidding; he was chocolate sex on legs. If she could bottle him, she could make a killing and probably replace all the money her family had lost.
“You’re not much of a talker,” another shrug. “Or is it that I’m not your type, no silicon and lots of brains. Your mother must be real proud of the man you have become.”
Aurora felt the jolt of the seat belt as it snapped her back, after the force of the jaguar stopped abruptly. Her hand flew to her bruised shoulder and she let out a series of curses. She watched in surprised silence as Dwight got out of the car and walked around to her side. He opened the door, and stood waiting.
“What you idiot?”
“Get out!”
What the fuck! Aurora watched Dwight wondering if he had lost his mind. Something she had said definitely struck a cord. It might have been the comment about his mother. She knew how that felt. In the upper crust of New York society her family name was taboo. After her father and her uncle swindled most of New York out of there hard earned money, her mother took the easy root and killed herself after their incarceration. Her aunt fled the country with her Latin lover. I should have done that. Now she was left responsible for her cousins.
“GET. OUT!” The anger behind Dwight’s words snapped her back into the present. She was being kicked out of his car, without any money for a cab and wearing her very short dancer uniform. Her tongue had gotten her into a fix this time.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”
“I don’t care,” Dwight reached into the car and unbuckled her seat belt. With one hand under her thighs and the other on her back, he easily lifted her tiny frame out of the car. He walked a short distance to the curb and deposited her there.
“You can’t leave me here,” Aurora protested as she got on her feet and hobbled after him. Dwight glanced over his shoulder at him and gave one of his famous shrugs. He then entered his jaguar without giving her a second look. Aurora wasn’t one to be outsmarted; she stepped in front of the car. She could see the angry twitch in his jaw as his eyes reduced to slits. But then a mocking smile appeared on his face and he started reversing. He pulled back, drove around and past her before she could do anything about it. Aurora was left staring at the angry red tail lights. Suddenly the car was in reverse. Aurora was determined to stand her ground, but when he didn’t look like he would slow down anytime soon, she got out of the way before he could run her over.
“Are you fucking crazy?”
“No, just clumsy and dumb.”
“Don’t forget idiotic,” Aurora began to hobble to the passenger door when Dwight threw a hundred dollar bill out the window.
“Get a cab to the E.R. or home or straight to hell. I don’t give a fuck!”
Aurora cringed at the sound of rubber against gravel as Dwight sped away once again. She stood there staring at the taillights, knowing very well that he wouldn’t come back for her this time.


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