Our differences only run skin deep, underneath it all we are all the same. This is something Alma has to learn when she falls in love with Christoffer. She thinks just because he is a royal he is far above her. Love doesn’t care about the unimportant stuff. The big picture is made out of the little things. The simple things like honesty, courage, commitment and passion.
Alma didn’t say anything. She turned around and stared at the window, wondering if she could fit her large belly through it. The room was silent, when the others left and it was just her and Christoffer.
“Turn around.” He asked once more.
Alma wrapped her arms around her belly sure that once she turned around a chain of events that they both couldn’t control would unravel.
She could hear the desperation in his voice. Alma took in a deep breath and turned around.
To Christoffer everything around him was moving in slow motion. It was like time had stopped in anticipation of seeing Alma’s belly. Once she facing him, once he had full view of his unborn baby he couldn’t control his emotion. He moved towards her as tears flooded his cheeks.
“You are so beautiful.” He said. He gently placed his hands on her belly and just as he did he felt a little nudge from the baby, “Did it just kick?”
“He did.” She chocked back the tears, “He’s an active baby.”
“It’s a boy.” Her voice was shuddering out; she struggled to draw it back in. Alma was trying her best to separate herself from this terrific moment. She answered his question directly not giving too much of herself.
“A boy, I’m going to have a boy.”
Alma couldn’t escape the exhaustion any more. She fidgeted on her feet wanting to sit down so badly but she didn’t want to break into the bond Christoffer was forming with his baby.
Christoffer noticed she was switching the foot she was leaning on every few seconds, “Is there something wrong?”
“I’m just tired.” She said.
“Then please sit down.” He led her to the sofa and helped her down.
“Thanks.” she mumbled.
Christoffer was back on her belly saying things to the baby that she didn’t understand. When he finally looked up at her he asked, “When did you find out?”
“A couple of weeks after you left.” She stood up and headed for her room.
“So you are six or seven months along?” he asked guilty that he had abandoned her when she had needed him the most.
“Thirty seven weeks.”
He did the math in his head, “That’s over nine months.”
“Nine months and one week to be exact.” She sat on her bed and went on folding her clothes.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
She shot him a look that said it all.
“Is the baby healthy?” He decided to stick to the now and not the past.
“Very,” she laughed, “At six months the doctor, Jacky’s mom, she said he was getting too big for my body. They gave me a diet and everything.”
He was happy to see the joy on her face whenever she talked about the baby. It gave him relief that her disappointment in him hadn’t been transferred to the baby, “Do you follow the diet?”
“Honestly I try, but when I am craving a burger that is what I eat.” She laughed, “I cheat on my diet. But I can’t help it.”
“Are you happy about the baby?”
She didn’t know what he was driving at, “He is my life now.”


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