IT’S 2014!!!

A new year means new year beginnings or new resolutions. For me 2014 is my year to be brave. I’m going to do things that I have always been afraid of doing. Each time I accomplish one you’ll be the first to know.
I have a new book out RED TEARS BLUE BLOOD, its my new years baby, be sure to check it out.

I am also working on a couple of other projects. The first installment of the New Yorkers; BETRAYED, THE DEVIL’S ANGEL, THE GIANTS TRUTH.

As new projects and relationships begin one is ending. As you know 5 Prince was the first publisher to publish my work, SHADES OF SPRING 1964; LETTERS TO MY DAUGHTER, it’s the only book I have published with them. Today on the first day of January 2014, we end our relationship. Bad Sales! its sucks but there is only so much a writer can do, example write the book and make sure its the best it is.The break up is amicable and mutual. I would like to thank Sue the editor of SOS 1964, Connie my sisters editor, who has been an encouraging voice and Bernadette Marie, the owner and author, who took a risk with a first time author. Thank you very much.
I will be relaunching Shades of Spring at a later date in the year. I will be changing the cover and the name to LETTERS TO MY DAUGHTER. The book will be reworked as I will take into account suggestions from my readers, yes I do pay attention to the comments you leave me ;). Wish me luck.

I will be updating you on the release dates and progress of my 2014 books.



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