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AJ Ross has always focused his attention on two things, women and medicine. He was the best at both. He was the love them and leave them type. But when he moves in with a girl he had a fling with, a girl he cannot remember, his life slowly begins to unravel.lance gross
BLUE EYESKatherine had always done what was expected of her. She was daddy’s little obedient girl. But when her father arranges a marriage between her and her friend she begins to rebel. Katherine bumps into a man who gave her a night she could never forget. The problem is, he can’t seem to remember her. So when they end up living together her sole purpose is to make sure AJ Ross remembers the night he took her virginity.


She rolled the window down and shouted out. “You’d better get out of my way or I will run you over.”
“I don’t doubt it.” His lips curled into a sly grin.
“What do you want, my ego can only take so much rejection in one day,” she yelled again.
“Get out of the car.”
“Why, you want payback for your bitch of a girlfriend.” Just then she saw his face cringed as if he were in pain. Awesome Lisette, she chided herself. “I didn’t mean that you were going to hit me. But she deserved it.”
Lisette watched as Reno walked to the passenger door. She rolled the window down and for a few seconds they just stared at each other.
“What did she say to you?”
“I’d rather not repeat it.” Lisette stared straight ahead as her fingers curled tighter around the leather steering wheel.
“Nice car.”
“Thanks, it’s supposed to be safe, fast and it looks good too.” She scanned the interior of her car.
“You don’t seem to like it very much.” He grinned.
“I would rather have a Volkswagen. You know those little cute ones. But my papa says this is much safer. Safety before luxury.”
“Do you want to go out with me tonight?” Reno asked.
Lisette stared at him, sure he was going to take back his offer, or tell her that he was just joking. But he seemed serious. Lisette smiled and almost said yes, but then a thought came to mind. “Is this a pity date?”
“You told me to leave you alone.”
“I know.”
“But now you are asking me out?”
“Do you always answer questions with one or two words?”
“Fine. I’ll wait for you here.”
Lisette had been keeping her eyes glued to the road and her knuckles were turning white from how hard she was holding the steering wheel. She waited until they were stopped at a red light to sneak a peek at him. He was beautiful, his black hair still damp from his locker room shower, his haircut somehow looking like a Mohawk, his dark skin peeking out of his white flannel shirt, sleeves pushed up to mid-arm and blue jeans held on tight enough for her to see how strong his thigh muscles were. He was delicious.
She heard him clear his throat and Lisette’s eyes went back to his face. Her hormones distracting the rest of her body so much there was no nerve left for her to feel embarrassed about been caught checking him out.

* * * *

“Lisette, the light turned green.” Reno could feel the blood in his veins pump hard into one direction. He was trying to keep a clear head but with the blood heading south he couldn’t. He felt like Lisette’s eyes were picking him apart and the way her eyes roamed it was obvious she was yet to find her favorite spot. Reno didn’t think his groin could take much more inspection before busting. He had half the mind to convince Lisette to park under a bridge somewhere so that he could give them what they both wanted.
However, as soon as that idea got into his mind, Reno realized how bad it was for him to be with her right now. The only reason why he left with her was because to his shame he had announced she was his stalker, and then there was whatever Victoria had said. He knew how it felt for people to look down their noses at his mother, and the hurt in Lisette’s eyes told him she needed comforting. But he needed something else. He was grateful she had worn a tight pair of shorts, hard to get out of. Her dark succulent thighs peeked from the denim fabric, and that got his heart racing.
“You want to share your thoughts or are you going to keep staring at my thighs and licking your lips like the big, bad wolf?” Lisette asked, with a naughty look in her eyes and a sly smile on her lips.
Reno chuckled as his head fell back to the headrest. He tried to shift his sitting position to accommodate the bulge in his pants struggling to get free.
“I could park this car under a bridge somewhere and help you with that,” she teased.
Reno sucked in a breath as his eyes were reduced to slits. “I wouldn’t let you do that.”
“Because you are special to me. I wouldn’t disrespect you like that, by taking you under a bridge. That’s not how our first time together will be,” he swore.
“I’m glad to hear that.”
“What, that I respect you?”
“Nope—that you are thinking about ‘taking me’.” Lisette mimicked his strained tone. “Don’t worry, my mama taught me better than that. In my experience sex talk is an ice breaker.”
“It doesn’t help with me.” Reno chuckled. “It would probably be best if you stopped looking at me like you do.”
“Like what?” She turned to look at him for a second and the cool deep brown of her eyes were filled with humor…and lust.
“Like you want to have your way with me.”
Reno watched as she threw her head back and laughed again. Her hand pushing back her thick dark locks. He had dreamt about running his fingers through that thick hair. Reno gave in to the feeling that had been building inside him since the first time he laid eyes on her. He dug his fingers into her hair and let his fingers massage her scalp. That simple gesture earned him a smile that made his soul quiver.
“Since I am buying lunch, I am taking you to McDonalds.” she smiled. “And since I like you and I don’t want my brother to kill you, I will stop tempting you.”
“I agree with both suggestions,” he said. “I like you too.”
“I’m glad, because I was beginning to feel like a stalker.”
“Well, I have the sexiest stalker in New York.”
“I really want to sleep with you, but maybe after the summer when we get to know each other better,” she breathed. “Hopefully by then we will be making love.”


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