so once in a while i stop taking my meds, take off my straight jacket and let the crazy out. The only thing i have to say is WTF!!! Sometimes I don’t know how to interact, no let me say negotiate some people in this world. It is true God created us equally, but sho! He should have given us a manual for those we can’t understand.
So as an author you always want to get feedback from your readers. Because know it or not that feedback helps us improve our future stories. I have two reviews both the same rating but totally different. A helpful review and a WTF!

I usually hate leaving bad reviews so i give constructive criticism. You know, let an author know where they lost me or what i found totally unbelievable, but i also include something great. That is what this reader did. and I thank him or her. Even though I don’t agree 😉
face 2
Not a strong book
I felt like this book had a lot of problems with the flow of the chapters and the summary/scene. I feel that she NEEDS to work on beta testing to find errors and changing scene.
For me I felt it was a great plot but there’s alot that she can improve on so she doesnt alienate readers. My biggest problem is the fact that she doesnt describe the characters or she transitions to another character point or scene but its done too rapidly or she doesnt set the scene or explain the background of each character. Overall i felt like she rushed through and didnt take the time to connect with her characters.
She needs to work on those items from my point of view she could be a great writer but she needs to take the time to develop as a writer and take a creative writing course or join the local RWA chapter. Spend time developing on craft you have great characters but you are rushing the over all plot.

Now the next one is just a WTF!!
It’s not worth the price at all! A virgin heroine who acts like a slut from the beginning? There was no romance, it’s pure lust. Does that make sense? This is so not my kind of book. I didn’t even bother to finish it. Dissapointing!
Forgive me for disappointing you but what do you mean by don’t bother. If writers didn’t bother writing, there would be nothing to read and nothing for you to hate on. You didn’t even finish reading the book.

Well this is my venting process, now that I let it out I can get back to writing.


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