I have a story that i submitted to one of my editors and it was rejected because they didn’t think the readers would like it.

when we pitch stories, i say pitch because that’s what we do. You don’t get to wear a business suit or have a meeting face to face with a panel of judges or potential clients or business partners. But in a paragraph or a page you are supposed to sell your idea, this is in the query letter before they read the story. Make them want to read your book right? So my pitch always got me through the first round, but once they read the story they say, ‘It’s a great story but i don’t think the readers will be too happy with it.’

So now you leave the imaginary boardroom and have to convince the people on the street that you know what I have a great product, do you think you’ll like it? It’s hard to sell something to people who don’t know you, they don’t trust you or your work yet (new writers). I have had readers say, from the blurb the book had so many things to look forward to but did not meet my expectations, bummer!

Anyway, this story the hero goes from good to bad to good again. The heroine is vulnerable, appears weak. Let’s be honest, women readers don’t like it and some hate it even. My point was to show how love can make us weak and strong and determined. That sometimes you need to wait out the storm because you know that there will be a rainbow when the sun comes out.

no dice.

I was asked to change it. To make it more romance friendly. I have thought about it, actually I have already drafted changes. You know, a kiss here, a show of strength there. But each time I go for the original story, you know to scrap off the undesired parts, I feel like I am cheating my characters. So I am thinking, why not leave it like that. Write a part two. That way when the readers decide to hate me for the first part, i will be redeemed with the second. So the main reason I might write a second part is because of the readers. I have to tailor this story for them. Which is not a bad thing. You know how at times writers kind of leave the end with a let your imagination run free, like the guy gets on one knee and the writer doesn’t have to write the ‘yes i will’ part. Telling the readers, you know what, I think you got this you can end this story how ever you want to. That’s how i ended the novel.

I am so confused. So i am going to get some beta readers. See what they think about it.



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