I know I don’t post much but these days my brain is on a go slow because I have no life. Anyway. If you read my last post Tailor before author, I was talking about how writers now have to tailor make their stories so that random people they have never met could like the book and recommend it to other readers. Because the apparent purpose is to build a reader base. You know get guys to love your books so that they can invite other people to read them and those other people can like those books. The cycle continues until you have this little village that is your support group who help you raise and develop your talent. I am eternally grateful to my village. So I would like to ask my village to have an open mind about this book BLEED FOR LOVE. It is not really a romance book, it is more of a women’s fiction. Yes I am moving away from the lovey dovey to a bit more, i don’t know, not lovey dovey books. I want to get into thrillers and the only romance based books I will be doing is the New Yorkers. Anyway I digress.

So I tried to tailor my book to get it to a point where the publishers will be like, yep that’s a good one, people will not hate us for putting it out there. And I did for half a night I was rearranging the story, but each change I made a piece of my heart sort of died. I felt like I was betraying my story. It’s not romeo and Juliet at all, its the Jlo and that guy in Enough kind of story. We have all had this blonde moments of insanity when we fall in love. Because essentially love is insanity. Most of the times the people we love struggle with who they are or what they are going through in their lives. They at times commit unspeakable evil but we love them anyway. The thing is when they hurt us it reaches a time when we have to say enough, i have to get out of this mess. Maybe we could help them along the way or let them die in their troubles, but nine out of ten times the love is still there. That is essentially what BLEED FOR LOVE is. When do you love yourself more than another person in order to save yourself. Sometimes Romeo is just Rome-wrong.
So someone might say don’t bother, like the last review of my book BETRAYED that totally 86’d my sales (sticking my tongue out at you), but i say bother. Stories are not all meant to be the same. What’s the point of buying a new book if its exactly like the one you bought last week. I will be self-publishing BLEED FOR LOVE (out next week). it will be the second book I have self published the first being THE MARA SONG.
Why take a risk if its not for love. Click on the covers to the left and get a sample of my book, then buy my book. Mama needs to eat.
marasong copy



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