hey guys,


for those who have read my books you know that i publish with LazyDay, Breathless, Crimson and Secret Cravings. I also had a publisher 5 Price but we parted ways. So i am used to the arms of an editor or publisher helping me along with my journey. But last year I self published the Mara Song and it did well-ish. it’s had not having that support system that a publisher offers you, but it is also somehow very satisfying when you put a book out all on your own. thank you ermisenda for the book covers.

so THE MARA SONG, is a bout a Kenyan (yey) girl who works at a tourist lodge. she gets taken in by a pretty face. She falls in love and its too late for her heart when she realizes that the man is getting married at her lodge. she ends up pregnant and has a valentine baby. well check out amazon and get a sample if you are not ready to commit yet.

marasong copyanyway today i am publishing on amazon, MY PATH. it is NOT a HEA. I know readers tend to frown of reality especially since they have to live it everyday. A book is an escape that happy place. I get i get it. But My Path is a bit of reality, that love isn’t always as great as it seems. That your night and shinning armor can turn into darthvador.  My sister already warned me that I may get some nasty comments about my book. Hell, I expect it, people are nasty even when you make the girl Cinderella give her her prince charming and five babies. here is the synopsis and excerpt. The book cover is by Ermisenda, thanks again. if you are going to hate it hate the story don’t attack the author.

mokenyan copy

All Gabriella wanted to do was to go back home and work with her father on the ranch. But when she meets a young ranch hand she gets more incentive to stay on the hacienda. But her father has something else on his mind. He wants Gabriella to be married to his bestfriends son, to merge the two families wealth. Falling in love and running away with Tony, her father’s ranch hand, was not in his plans. Feeling like she finally got her happily ever after, Gabriella doesn’t expect Tony to turn on their love. The sweet romance soon turns violent and Gabriella considers going back home. Home seems to be the only place where things were normal and where her happiness existed.

Below is an excerpt from the book. I look forward to hearing from you.

The darkness seemed to take shape inside my head, like black roses blossoming behind my eye lids. Then something strange happened, something absolutely insane. I was standing in the far corner of the room watching Tony stomp his foot into something on the ground.

I moved closer. Cautiously I took a few quick steps towards him, and then stopped. I watched in disbelief. I was watching, no witnessing myself being beaten into a pulp, being stepped on like a little bug that didn’t have a single worth in the world. The sound of his grunts and curses echoed deep into the thick air. His voice ringing, burning in my ears. I could taste the blood in my mouth warm and coppery. Then as his foot lifted in the air one more time I cringed away, closing my eyes sure that this would be the final blow.

I didn’t know how long I was out; I wasn’t even quiet sure I was still alive. But then I took in a deep breath and noticed the strange scents in the room. This wasn’t the jasmine scent I sprayed in my house; it was more like a sterilizing detergent smell.


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