AJ Ross has always focused his attention on two things, women and medicine. He was the best at both. He was the love them and leave them type. But when he moves in with a girl he had a fling with, a girl he cannot remember, his life slowly begins to unravel.lance gross
BLUE EYESKatherine had always done what was expected of her. She was daddy’s little obedient girl. But when her father arranges a marriage between her and her friend she begins to rebel. Katherine bumps into a man who gave her a night she could never forget. The problem is, he can’t seem to remember her. So when they end up living together her sole purpose is to make sure AJ Ross remembers the night he took her virginity.



“I love this song,” he said as he moved towards her, his eyes never leaving hers. “The words especially. What do you think?
“Uhmmm it’s great.”
“Is there room in there for two?”
She nodded, unable to trust her voice as a flush of heat swept through her. AJ was staring at her as if she was the last drop of water in a desert. He strode towards her, dropping his pants and stood before her intentionally. He wanted her to appreciate what she was getting and she did. AJ was eight inches and a brain. Katherine could have the best of two worlds, an intelligent conversationalist and a dedicated lover. She hooked her leg on the mouth of the tub, her creamy skin glimmering in the lights. She saw how his eyes roamed her body and felt the heat of his gaze as if it licked her body. His eyes started at her toes, down her calf to her thigh. He pointedly looked at what was hidden beneath the millions of tiny little bubbles. Unconsciously Katherine stroked her inner thigh, and AJ responded the only way he could, with a full salute.


AJ was asleep when he was woken up by the insistent buzzing of his phone. It was Saturday and he knew it was either his parents or his sisters asking him why he wasn’t at the family lunch. AJ didn’t think he could drive all the way to the Hamptons. He would have to call them and make his excuses. He was relying on his mother’s need to baby him, to help with his dad. Adrian Senior would just send a helicopter to pick him up, but having this weekend with Katherine alone would help him get their relationship going.
Just as the thoughts of Katherine filled his mind, her unmelodic, tone deaf singing filled his ears. “….ooola ooola when you say my name I can feel the flame getting stronger, oh let me hear you say, ooola ooola we both feel the same and I can’t play this game any longer….”
“I’m glad we agree on that.” AJ had jumped off his bed and headed towards the cat being skinned. And now he wasn’t standing before a cat, but before the most beautiful woman in the world, his woman. AJ knew now he had been the only man her creamy thighs had cradled, the only one her most intimate secret had invited in. Katherine was his, unsoiled by any other man’s hands, undefiled by any idiot’s attentions. She was perfectly made for him. A man of medicine and science AJ rarely acknowledged God for much, but this time he had to say the big man in the sky did a good job molding Katherine.
“Are you sure you want to invite me in there.” His voice was deep and husky even to his own ears.
“I don’t think you have a choice.” Katherine stared pointedly at his groin and he had to chuckle. She was definitely not the same girl from the bonfire. He liked this confident side of her. AJ stepped around the bathtub and urged her forward so that he could slip in behind her.
“Have you ever done it in a bathtub?”
There wasn’t a surface known to man that AJ hadn’t had sex on. But he wasn’t about to tell her that. Instead what he said was, “Don’t think about anyone else but the two of us. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t forget this experience. Ever.”




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