It’s been a while….


So its been a while since I last posted something. I have been busy, writing, editing and taking pictures. And when I am not doing that I am watching telenovelas, what some people call the unrealistic love stories. I started watching the spanish delights at a young age and at that time it was just something to do. But in 2010 i watched a novela called Sortilegio and I started getting hooked. It was at that time I had started writing, so when I watched Sortilegio it wasn’t just for the gratification.I was getting into the story, the characters, analyzing and critiquing. You’d think that would take the fun out of it but it didn’t. I fell in love with Alejandro as a character before loving William Levy as the guy who brings out the character. he was strong masculine, everything you want a hero in a book to be. But he was also sensitive and wasn’t afraid to cry, a real man. And Maria Jose I have to say was the stereotypical heroine, the damsel in distress kind of girl. I usually don’t like those kind of girls but her character also didn’t take any B.S especially from her love interest. The story the plot, how it unfolded was great and original.


Some of the telenovelas at times just annoy the hell out of me that I just stop watching them. There have been a couple of them where you don’t see the resolution coming you wait til you get old and grey… and nothing. There was one that I absolutely gave up on, Aurora. it annoyed the hell out of me. The story was definitely original and intriguing, but…arggh! I completely gave up on it until one day my twin starts telling me about these other characters. So their love story basically starts at the second half of the show. Its like watching soccer the first half completely annoying and uneventful then the second the fireworks start. I get the first part, exposition and all that. but i think they should have given Martin and Vicky a little more time. Eugenio Siller and Vanessa Pose just gel as fictional characters and as a realistic couple (which they are not). I loved the growth, they went from point A to B. They had their ups downs roller coaster ride that thank God didn’t take 100 episodes.


But when you think about the great love stories, Romeo and Juliet, Withering Heights, let’s say Casablanca, you think of the dynamics, the passion, the pain, the strength to get through the difficult times, the couples and most importantly the love. When I watch Aurora (ep 78-135) and Sortilegio I get this feeling that I can’t explain, it rises from the depths of my tummy, to my heart and i get this weepiness that is totally uncharacteristic for me and i feel great. I feel like those are the stories that i want to write, the emotions i want to invoke in people. Not focus on writing great work but capturing the beauty in the little moments that make fiction a reality and focusing on the miracle of  falling in love.

I want to fall in love someday and have that great passion that the Mexican’s seem to breathe on a daily basis.

Yep I’m insane. Kisses check out my books and have a lovely weekend.



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