You Might Like This Book If…


Ermisenda and I were looking back at our book reviews and realized how short they’ve gotten (mostly mine). I used to have a “you might like this book if…” section and separated it out into sections. I’d like to get back to writing better quality reviews rather than putting them off until I sit down and write 10 in one evening, but they lack the detail and finesse.

That made wonder, what do you want to see from a book review? I have my phone back, which means Audible is back and I can catch up on the pile of TBR calling my name. What do you want to see?

I was on Pinterest looking for inspiration and found some graphics I may mimic. I liked the why bit and the suggestions.

so you like the hunger games

Do you read book reviews? Do you like getting suggestions at the end? Help us improve our book…

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