let’s be honest, I have been a little slow in getting stuff done this year. i have been getting back into series, tv world. I was before until I was betrayed by the death of Mark and Lexie in Grey’s Anatomy. I’m sure I posted a long rant about that. This time i am watching BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan, and of course the biggest tease in the universe ARROW. i could name all of the cast members but let me just mention the important ones, STEPHEN AMELL as OLIVER QUEEN/ ARROW, EMILY BETT as FELICITY SMOAK and DAVID RAMSEY  as JOHN ‘DADDY’ DIGGLE. yeah so I have been hooked on that for a while, especially with the fan reactions. There is nothing that draws me in like a bunch of crazy things said by otherwise perfectly sane normal people. one thing though if they Slexie the Olicity, there will be a gigantic rant.


getting back to the fiction in my reality, I have a couple of books out and I love the response they are getting. but i must say i have never ever gotten the sort of… i want to say attention, to a book like the fourth book in the new Yorker series. i haven’t ever had people repeatedly ask me about a release before. it’s got me excited and terrified. so i am paying extra attention on this one. I’ve got notes and boards and an extra dose of crazy with this book. It is still coming out in 2015, it’s going to be great. the story will be huge, I’m not referring to the number of pages. Nothing will be dragged out, it will be one punch after the other. A story book approach but in this case beauty is a bad boy.


Until then catch up with DENOUEMENT and HIS LOVE. There is this thing called the author stroll by Book Rythm. Ijus copy and pasted those posts.


its time for the BookRhythm Author stroll. So I thought I would start by posting last months stroll, for the newbies. This isn’t actually my favorite book, just as the heart can love two people at the same time, you can’t be in love with both of them. I can’t have two favorites. My absolute favorite is coming out in 2015, the forth book of the New Yorkers, it’s all about identity. So catch up and in the next post we will talk about HIS LOVE

Who is your favorite character you’ve written?
It has to be Marietta Parks from Denouement. She didn’t really know who she was and was trying to tailor her life to avoid… life. She didn’t want to be disappointed so she lived her life according to a script she wrote for herself, that is until Tobias Harden walked into her life.

· What book are they in?
Denouement, it is an IR romance published by Secret Cravings, you should get a copy.

· What is the setting of their book?
I can’t really say it has a setting, besides its based in modern times. Everything around Tobias and Marietta isn’t tangible or solid. Its all wishful what they want and they expect. They both lived their lives in stories, Tobias in the script her read and acted in and Marietta in a life that basically didn’t exist.

· List one fun fact about the book?
I wrote it during my crush on Tom Hardy. That’s one thing. The other is Marietta is so much like me. I put a piece of myself in the characters that i write, she is similar to me because I feel like I am yet to start living life.


It’s that time again BookRhythm October Author stroll and this time we focus on HIS LOVE. published by Breathless Press LET’S GET TO IT.

What is your favorite location you’ve written about? i think it is obvious to anyone and everyone who has been reading my books, I am in love with New York. i have never been there before but i have every intention of going there. When you read about NY or see pictures there is always something that is constant…nothing..well change. Everything changes in each shot, faces, color and mood. It’s like a hub of diversity.

What book is it in?
HIS LOVE isn’t within the city like The NY series. it’s in the Hampton. in a house to be precise. Its Rayne coming into a family that is buried within a castle of a home that has no place for warmth, love or family.

What kind of research did you do so you could describe the location accurately?
i did some research. i need to be able to point it out in a map. but because the point of the story was the imprisonment of hate, loss and guilt, there wasn’t much of the scenery taken in. There is only this one part where Rayne takes the baby to the beach and she looks at the ocean and says that she wants it to take her to her mother. i knew that that scene couldn’t be done inside the house with what it represented to Rayne and Alessandra.

Character I relate to; all of them but since we are talking about HIS LOVE… if you read the post before this you will see the reason I related to Marietta from DENOUEMENT, and with Rayne she was the little girl hiding inside my heart struggling to survive. we all struggle and try to find ways to…win if that’s appropriate. I wrote this because i needed an avenue to bring that girl out into the light and let her win.

List one fun fact about one of your books?
Fun fact, i am not a Christian grey kind of gal, but there is just something about a man in a position of power, the almost arrogant strength and self confidence. wrap that up in a sexy business suit and you have me hooked for life.

So BookRythm will be announcing the winner from the comments below (facebook) . You win a copy of HIS LOVE and if you have already read it, I will give you a copy of… (drum roll)… THE DEVIL’S ANGEL, out in November. And guys, Book four of the NY series is not out yet, i don’t have a release date either. But if you have any other questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunette

get excited, THE DEVIL’S ANGEL is coming and BROKEN HEARTS, LOVE AND WAR AND ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY follow. keep up with releases by liking my facebook page. Sometimes facebook is all I have time for, sorry.


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