LOVE AND WAR people!!!!


So in between my writing the NewYorker books I write others so as to make sure the series stays fresh. One thing I discovered about writing a series you have to be careful that the books don’t have all the same themes. I have read a series before that was all about a billionaire wanting his secretary or old flame and convincing her (not its so blackmail) into having sex with him, she gets pregnant and they have no choice but to get married. This is a different monkey same forest kind of situation. To avoid that I take breaks sometimes I write one book and others I write three. In between One night Stand and Once Upon A Playboy I wrote three books, that is why OUAPB is getting to you guys in 2015, it is totally worth the wait.  Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunetteThe Devil’s Angel is available from Secret Cravings Publishing, Love and War is being edited by Breathless Press and Broken Hearts is also by BP but we haven’t started working on it yet. So long story short, (I know you want more bits from NYBK4) here is an excerpt from LOVE AND WAR.

OH its a story of how revenge doesn’t seems so important when life gives you love. here is some music

l&WWilly sat ramrod straight in his bed as he watched the bartender from the club try to sneak out. How the hell had they ended up here together. Willy cleared her throat and the girl jumped.
“Jesus Christ, you scared me,” she said as she started picking up the things she had just dropped.
“Were you just going to sneak out? You don’t want any coffee?” Willy couldn’t believe he was the one asking these questions.
“Uhmmm, no,” she said in such a matter of fact tone. “We are both grown ups. Let’s call this what it really is, a one night stand. You brought me to a classy up scale hotel, we had sex, now it’s time for me to leave. Let’s not make this anymore awkward than it is.”
“First of all, this is where I live. Second you are the first girl I brought back here and third who said I won’t want to call you again?”
“First of all, why do you always have to list every point you want to make, second to infinity, I have a life, responsibilities and someone who depends on me not to fuck up again. Once in a life time is enough,” she muttered the last part.
“Are you married?”
“Hell no. Marriage is just a form of modern day slavery.”
“I have no idea how to respond to that,” Willy scrubbed his fingers through his hair in frustration.
“Why because I’m black and you are quasi white?” she smiled then laughed, a sound that warmed him from tip to toe.
“You are very beautiful.”
lw2That seemed to sober her up immediately. She pulled her jacket on and begun to back pedal toward the door, “Listen Billy-,”
“-Willy, shit I’m such a screw up. You were great at that,” she pointed the bed. “Really, really great.”
“But I don’t do things like this. I was just celebrating something and you reminded me of someone, and then you touched me with those very, very, skillful hands and we ended back here and-,”
“Stop rambling,” Willy got out of bed and watched as her eyes went as wide as saucers. He turned around, hiding his shit eating grin. For some reason he just loved the way she reacted to things, especially his naked body.
“G-great ass by the way. It’s a winner,” she said then covered her face. “Okay, I think I’m just going to go.”
“I’ve got ten minutes,” Actually he didn’t. His meeting was bound to start at any moment. But being the boss he was allowed to walk into a meeting two hours late, right? As Alvin said it was his God given right to be bad a couple of times in his life.
“I really shouldn’t,” she said in a squeaky voice. “What is it, like seven o’clock?” she asked as she took off her jacket and shoes. “Ten minutes, that’s what you said, right?” she shimmied out of her jeans and t-shirt. “You’ll be really fast right? But not too fast I’ll miss my orgasm, right?”


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