Hey guys, here is an excerpt of THE DEVIL’S ANGEL for your enjoyment.

Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunette

“Kiss me.” Rae regretted the words the second they left her unruly mouth. However, after a second of thinking over her new rush decision, she decided it was a good idea. This was the only way to know if he was attracted to her. She didn’t know what she was doing or talking about, but all the movies and books said it was. It’s in his kiss was a song that explained it all. Cher surely knows what she is talking about? “Kiss me.”
Yvan cupped her cheek in his palm and Rae felt like she would melt. Her chest heaved with anticipation. When his head lowered to his she closed her eyes in expectation, her heart beating out of her chest. And when he kissed her, it was with an urgency that only left pain in its wake. Rae felt her heart swell with a tender ache then break like a delicate glass shattered against a hard and harsh reality. Her heart broke in the desperation of his touch. She felt his need, but something stopped her from feeling his passion, something that told her that kiss wasn’t meant for her or for anyone.

Rae stepped out of his arms and away from his kiss. “I don’t see Rubi in your eyes because not anymore. You don’t want her, but that doesn’t mean you want me. Your lips are searching for something I can’t give you, your body is looking for a familiarity that I don’t have. And your hands, your fingers when they caress me they feel like strangers.”
“That’s because they are. I have never touched you intimately, never made love to you. And our first kiss was wrought from a demand to prove something.” A frown of irritation pleated the skin between his soft brown eyes. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t want you.”
“You want me because I am sweet and kind and inside I am everything Rubi is not. But on the outside you may still want her. Her curves, boldness, the way she makes you feel sexually. I’m not her Yvan and I never will be.”
“But I don’t want you to be her. I’m just having a hard time because you look like her. You look like the person I am fighting so hard to get away from.” Yvan held her head between his hot palms. He pressed a kiss on her lips. “But I am trying. I want what only you can give me, a home, a family and security. I know I can love you Rae.”


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