This gal I know...M.I.A

A sharp cry brought him back to the realization of her innocence. Even in his urgency how could he have forgotten. he was incapable of letting her go, but still managed to hold back. Stroking her trembling body, soothing her fear, catching her tear with his thumb and yet he was still incapable of holding his need at bay…it was beyond his control.

She might have as well asked for heaven in hell. It was impossible for her to reconcile her latest rash decision. A few minutes ago, before the pain and the doubt, she thought that this was the way to get him back, the way to mend her broken heart.

When he heard her sobs he pulled back, stared at her. He held her for a while and for a second she thought, “he gets it… the sacrifice she made. maybe it was worth it.” then seconds later…

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