my sister (CHRISTINA OW) have our first fantasy/ paranormal books coming out. Its our birthday B.T.W. (just thought i would sneak that in there)


FATE REBORN by CRISTINA OW is already out and available.


Sorrow and torment have been the only companions werewolf Ashat has had in the three centuries since his entire village, including his beloved family, was killed by his enemy, Baku. Though he has resigned himself to a life of revenge, his world suddenly changes when he meets a lovely young woman he never expected.

Merilee lost her family in a fire when she was just five years old. Though she remembers little from that night, terrible nightmares have plagued her ever since. As she finally starts to move on, and new friends enter her life, she begins to remember more about her history and that horrible night. However, each new memory only seems to unlock more questions and uncertainties than answers about what actually happened.

Despite their horrid pasts, Ashat and Merilee begin a relationship that gives them both a reason to hope and live again.

But can they move on from their pasts, or are their demons back again?


here is a snippet;

“Sabrina, that’s enough.” Ashat shoved her off him. He pulled on his pants and got out of bed to get another beer.
“Are you sure?” she asked, using her horny voice. She was now seated on the bed, naked. She rubbed her right foot slow and seductively over her left leg, as her fingers played with her long hair.
“If you are trying to seduce me you’ll have to try harder.”


HUNTED by KENYAN KNIGHT (ME) is out on the 10th of FEB.

trapped between two loves,good and evil and made prey by her desires. Sloan is hunted.


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