KENYAN KNIGHT (that’s me!!!)


How are you. So if you have been keeping up with my post you know that I am releasing a new book, a fantasy/ paranormal under the name KENYAN KNIGHT (facebook page like it enjoy it and post your comments. Nothing derogatory pwease.)

So Hunted….

sloanSloan, the daughter of a hunter, marked by evil.


Jake a hunter whose is crazy in love.jake 2

wlKellan a demon who is determined to have to things, the reign of evil and Sloan



Its basically the fight between good and evil determined by the heart of a young woman, Sloan. She has been marked by a demon Kellan who is willing to do everything and anything to get her. But then there is Jake, a demon hunter, and all he wants is to love her. That is until he discovers her secret, then he wants to choke her haha! Sloan not only has to decide which man she chooses but with that choice the battle between love and evil will be determined. She is the bridge that evil can use to tip the scales to their side.


Here is an excerpt, enjoy!!!


She looked down as her feet trudged deep into the pool of blood. Her mind went back to how the room had been before this had happened. The deep red carpet was once white and the stench of old blood masked the fresh air let into the room each morning. The atmosphere of joy was now overlaid with the fouls stench of death and evil.
Her hand fell to her belly as the overpowering need to hurl came over her. Pressing her temples with her finger, she tried to focus her mind on what was happening now and push her dizziness aside. She had to get through this. She had to remain strong, just as the rest of her family was trying to do, but it was close to impossible.
She came to a halt when her feet bumped into something. Dreading it, she slowly looked down at her obstacle. His facial expression was still that of horror. Even in death he looked in pain. He looked in pain and afraid. He was no match for Kellan, he should have known that. Snoop’s smile was gone.
But if he did why didn’t he run? Why did he stay and fight?
Because that was the kind of guy he was.
Swallowing hard she reached down and closed his eyes, saying a prayer as she did so. Sloan looked back at what was left of her family. Devastation was etched in each of their faces. She looked at the man she loved and, as much as she cursed herself for doing it, she had to.
“Thank you, God.” She didn’t mean to be selfish, but her uncle’s death couldn’t have come at a better time. Jake had been with her, away from the massacre and the bloodshed.
“What now?” Axel asked.
Although it felt like she wasn’t present, she could hear their conversation at the back of her mind.
“Now we fight.” Archer’s voice rang in the air, as bold and strong as ever.
“No.” Sloan balled her fingers into fists beside her. “Now, I kill him.”
“Do you see this?” Jake marched up to her and grabbed her arm. “Do you see this? Look at him. I want you to look at Snoop lying dead in a pool of his own blood.”
“I see it,” Sloan whispered as a tear fell down her cheek.
“You see it?” Jake’s hold on her arm tightened painfully but she didn’t flinch.
“I see it!” Her voice was firm and precise.
“We all have to work together. Let go of her arm—you are cutting off her blood supply,” Axel commanded.
“Work together?” Jake laughed. “She has to get close to him. She has to kill him because she is the only one who can.”
He marched closer to Axel, dragging Sloan along with him. His grip had tightened and she was in pain, but she didn’t complain. Her pain could not be compared to the fear he felt on her behalf.
“Calm down,” BB interjected.
“Calm down?” Jake asked once more, a sarcastic hiss escaping his throat.
“Jake, you need to relax.” Archer’s voice was softer. He was trying to reason with him. “We need to clean this up.”
“It doesn’t matter what we do at this point. He knows what he wants and he won’t stop killing until he gets it.” His angry gaze turned to that of pain and compassion as he looked at Sloan who stood quietly beside him. “I won’t let him have it.” A tear traveled down his dark skin and his grip on her arm eased.
“This is my decision to make.” She gently pulled her arm free and the blood rushed painfully back into her veins. “I’m going to do this. I have made my decision.”
“You cannot make such a decision without thinking about me.”
“I am doing exactly that. I won’t let anyone else die. I won’t allow it.” Sloan ran out of the room to the front yard to where her bike was.
“Where are you going?” BB came after her and immediately mounted her bike. “I’m coming with you.”
“Suit yourself.” Sloan roared her bike and kicked it into full gear as she sped off, BB following close behind.
Sloan stopped just as she got to the exit of the estate. She made a full circle back to the house.
“What are you doing?” BB watched her curiously as Sloan dismounted her bike and started pacing back and forth.
“I’m the one he wants, right?” Slowly, Sloan’s mind was hatching a plan, but the end result was unknown.
“Yes, and?” BB saw the determined expression on her face and she clearly knew something was going on her head. “You better not be thinking what I think you’re thinking.”
“Unless you read minds you cannot possibly know what I’m thinking.”
Sloan marched back into the house and she found the three still in the positions she had left them in a few minutes ago.
“Babe…you’re back. I thought you were going to see your parents.” Jake wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her toward him.
“I was and I still am. I just need to know one thing.” She gazed at Archer, letting him know that he was the source of the information she was looking for.
“What exactly would you like to know, little cousin?” Archer took a step forward.
“This must be interesting,” Axel said.
“Maybe we should move away from all of this.” BB pointed at the bodies still on the ground.
They all moved to the foyer and Jake and Sloan took a seat on the bottom stair. The rest of them stood around them, with the front door wide open to filter the stench consuming the house.
“What exactly do you want to know?” Archer asked.
“What I don’t already, like what Kellan looks like.”
“Oh!” Axel chewed on her bottom lip as she took a step away from Archer.
“Oh what?” Jake looked concerned
“What my sister was trying to say is that you have already met him.” He paused to let the first shock sink in.
“Obviously. The bastard almost killed me.” Sloan snorted.

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