navy window paneOn Facebook there was a post where someone asked the question, do romance books almost always have a billionaire as the hero?’
Definition of a billionaire, a man who has his own money, own house and own car; J.O.B. Every woman is looking for a man who can provide for both her and himself. That’s the practical reason.
But I think the fantasy is what keeps the readers going back for more. Here you have your life, ordinary in everyone else’s eyes and almost perfect in yours. Here is a couple of reasons why I think the Billionaire story lines are flooding the literary world.
1. Maybe it’s because of the power they have. Running their own business and empire.
2. Dominance, and I leave it there.
3. The fancy cars, helicopter, private jets and yachts, tell me that doesn’t sound good. Plus there are the expensive gifts and the trips to Paris for shopping and Morocco for lunch.
The thing is most women desire that luxury life, even the sensible ones. For a moment they think wouldn’t it be great to hop into Christian Grey’s helicopter. Women dig their noses deep into the fantasy life that we as authors give them because for a moment they want to know how it feel like to be Anastasia Steele, without the whips.

As for me, I love billionaire stories because of the power and control that they have. It’s like, here is superman in a sexy business suit, taking care of business.

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