Hey guys, it’s been a minute!

I wanted to share with you something i learned recently. As an author most of the times you try to write, to combine words to make your reader feel. Most of the times we get it right and some of the times we get an eye roll from a reader. I say this because I have rolled my eyes a bit.

So this is what I learned…wait for it, it’s good…SAY IT OUT LOUD.


I visualize, its my thing playing out scenarios in my head. Sometimes I am the hero/heroine or the villain. That is good but at times it doesn’t translate.So I voice it out, the dialogue not the actions. I’m not that crazy!

If my eyes sting and get waters, if my breath catches in my throat, if i feel this describable, weird swelling of I want to say joy, but I mean love in my chest. I know I got it.

I am the reader too, my first reader and my first critic.

Today I got a beautiful comment from my proofer’s handler about ONCE UPON A TIME, “The proofreader said she needed tissues with this one. Good job getting the emotion to come across so strongly. :-)”
All I can say is thanks. I write for myself first. I only give you what I love.

Thank you for the support.


ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY is the 4th book in the NEW YORKER SERIES. Release date this May.

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