Book four will be titled ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY! is almost here! (cover at the bottom)

this is the gist, DJ has always played it fast a loose with his women. That is until he met Eyvette, a black beauty with Emerald eyes. the story doesn’t go into the Genesis of their love story, but when they meet again three years later. there is all this hurt and they want to see if they can get through it. But this time, they want to add a baby to the mix. So much responsibility for a life that is yet to enter this world. So anyway a lot of things happen (read the book) and they find themselves back where they started, plenty of pain, insane love and broken. This is more of a what happens after the almost happily ever after.

Please guys read the three previous books BETRAYED, ON CALL and ONE NIGHT STAND. DJ and Eve’s story is huge and takes a lot of time that I at times didn’t get the chance to explain who everyone is.


So this is a scene where Eve faces another tragic loss. let me know what you think.

DJ 2His romance life read like a story book, once upon a playboy. It just didn’t end like one, not yet he hoped. If he just knew how much trouble his wondering eye and equally eager penis would get him DJ might have done things a little differently. He had been trying to run away from his father’s deception and ended up just like him, in fact even worse. His decisions, his unwise choices are what brought him to this moment, alone, in a hospital waiting room, worrying his thumbs. DJ’s lips moved rapidly as a never ending prayer danced on his tongue.
“It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay,” he had been telling himself this for two years now, and he was yet to believe it. Karma, which was the issue here. It was a formidable foe to him and a friend to everyone. this is where all his bad Karma brought him, to a hospital covered in blood. The woman he loved in surgery and shame pouring out of each and every one of his pores.
“Mr. Kent?”
DJ jumped to his feet at the sound of the nurse’s voice. He stared at her, his heart beating a mile a minute, his breathe caught in his chest and an eerie fear claiming his heart.
“She’s not dead is she? She can’t die again, I can’t loose her again.”
“Calm down sir, your wife is out of surgery. She is in recovery. I was wondering if you wanted to call your family. I could do that for you.”
Her family was his family. However, one thing was for sure if her brother found out why she was in the hospital in the first place, it was going to be the end of him. But DJ couldn’t keep this from them any longer. Soon it would be all over the news, and if anyone of them stopped by his apartment the large yellow tape would tip them off.
“Do you mind doing that for me?” he asked.
“Not at all, for now would you like to see your son?”
I have a son. DJ knew everything he had to know about babies. It was something he learned for his love. The moment she told him that she wanted a child. He moved heaven and earth to make sure that he obliged her. It was the least he could do considering that it was his fault that they had lost their first child.
“Yes, I would like that.” Maybe after seeing their son, DJ hoped that he would be allowed to see his wife. He could tell her about their son, gush about the little things like his toes and who he looks like. He wanted those moments, he was desperate for them. If only his trip to Paris had turned out differently. The city had brought him so much love and in return DJ gave it pain and betrayal.
His life was like a fairy tale, and this is how it read. Once upon a playboy…
EyveEve smacked her mouth trying to get rid of the cotton ball taste and sensation. The sterile scent that assaulted her nostrils told her that she was in hospital. The pain in her belly echoed her worst fear. She had lost her baby…yet again. Maybe it wasn’t her fate to carry a child of her own. However, she had managed to deliver DJ’s son and bring him into the worlds. DJ”s son was her son, not born from her womb but her flesh and blood. After the accident Eve knew that carrying a baby was a near impossibility, words her doctors echoed to her time and time again. But she had proved them wrong. A night of passion, love and madness had resulted in a baby boy cradled in her belly. This miracle had only brought a new problem.
Eve had blown into New York like a hurricane, intent on destruction and vengeance. She wanted revenge against her brother, her so called father and most of all, the man she had given her love, her heart and almost her life to. His cavalier and reckless handling of her love had resulted in the death of their first child. It was rational that she would want another to replace the one lost. But Eve should have known that life wasn’t that easy, that love was a war that she wasn’t equipped to fight.
Dennis Rogers Kent, a curse and a blessing. In the time of their courtship, she had only known him as Dennis Rogers, a photographer with a weakness for beautiful girls. Dennis Rogers in turn knew her as Eyvette Rosalind Ross, the only child to her mother Elizabeth McCrery, a red headed Irish widow, who had a tongue that matched the colour of her hair. Eve hadn’t known about her father, well nothing except the fact that he was black. Eyvette, a meek little girl, green to the ways of men and that of the world as a whole. Eyvette had been sheltered by her mother and although she rebelled against it at an early age, she wished she had stayed under her mother’s shroud.

Look what her desire to experience life had left her. Two children dead, two pregnancies with nothing to show for it. A man who was  undoubtedly at the bedside of his mistresses and the child she bore. While she lay here in pain, both physical and emotional. Her soul torn to shreds by his actions and he didn’t even see fit to come and see her for a second. Eyvette had walked away once before and she was sure she could do it again. Maybe, just maybe the loss of her children was God’s way of telling her that she didn’t need to be tied to Dennis Kent. Dear Lord she prayed that there was a reason why she was doomed to face two great tragedies in once lifetime.
She would walk away again, just as she had once before.

OKAY when you read this listen to Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

Oh and when you go to youtube to watch a video with the song, the original is awesome but try the OLICITY one. Yes I am an arrow fan and totally shipping (i learned that word) Oliver and Felicity. She is the reason I started watching the show.

PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE, my theme for 2015.

Anyway read my books, leave a review, be kind to each other and stay awesome.




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