I want to thank you guys for the support you have given the New Yorker books. The newest member, Once Upon A Play Boy is out this May on the 5th. Until then for those who haven’t read the series catch up. Books are available on Amazon.


To say thank you here is 1000 words of Once Upon A Play Boy.

“What if he doesn’t come?”
“What if Dennis doesn’t come? You have been sitting here waiting and watching for him and he hasn’t turned up. Eve, you need to decide. Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life? Hoping that some man you think you are in love with will finally look at you the same way, hoping he will show up for you?”
“He promised.”
“He looks like the kind of guy who breaks promises.”
“Not to me, he would never break a promise he made to me.” It was like the universe was trying to affirm what she said. The door opened, the bell above it jingled and in walked Dennis. He smiled at her and the dread that had built a wall around her heart melted away. “I’m ready to start.”
Eve didn’t bother introducing herself to her audience. This wasn’t for them. It was just for one man and he already knew who she was. Eve strummed her guitar and started singing, her voice causing a hush in the loud café. She had picked Say you love me by Jesse Ware. Her eyes clouded with tears as she sang, but she could still see the smile Dennis had for her. When she finished her song, the crowd erupted in applause. Eve put her guitar down and, like Moses with the Red Sea, she parted the crowds as she walked to the back where Dennis stood waiting for her.
“So?” she swallowed hard, the adoration in his eyes causing a lump of emotion in her throat. “What did you think?”
Dennis cupped her cheek and she leaned into his warmth. “I think…I’m going to love you forever.”
Dennis leaned down to her and Eve rose to her tiptoes and met his kiss. The soft press of his lips on hers, the gentle caress, turned her to jelly. A warm tear left a trail as it rolled down her cheek. He pulled back, looked at her and said, “You are more than I ever expected, more than I could have prayed or wished for. You consume every inch of my heart. That void that was there, you filled it with your love and the dark cloud above my head is going. You and I, we are standing in the warmth and light of the sun and nothing could make me as happy as I am in this moment with you.”

Eve had no words, none that could live up to his, none that could make him feel as special as his words just made her feel. Nothing except, “I love you, too.”
“Take a walk with me?”
Eve nodded. She didn’t even look back to ask for permission or make excuses. She knew that, even though he wouldn’t want to, Philippe would understand. Moments such as these were rare and she wasn’t about to let it slip through her fingers.
Eve slid her hand in Dennis’ and let him lead her out of the café. They walked in silence for a while. Eve didn’t mind, she was busy trying to make a memory, from how the grains of sand felt between her toes or the perfect way the moonlight was reflected on the ocean water, like tiny diamonds on a black canvas.
Dennis stopped and stared at the water. He pulled her close and embraced her. “It’s all so beautiful.”
“It is.”
“Do you think that this will last?”
Eve looked up at him, confused. Dennis’ gaze was fixed on the water. Eve was trying to figure out what was going on with him. She might not have had all the answers, but she had one, “We will last, our love will last.”
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not the love at first sight kind of guy. I’ve never been in love before or even wanted to be in love. It always seemed like something I should stay away from.” Dennis looked down at her with a smile on his lips. The haunted expression she had noticed the day they had met was gone. “Now here you are in my arms and I can’t imagine living without this feeling. I can’t even remember how life was before you came to my table that morning.”
“Now you know how I feel.” Eve laid her head on his chest and listened to the quick thumping of his heart. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like—listening to your heated breath, watching your chest rise and fall with each breath you took. Waking up in the morning and knowing that I’m not crazy for climbing in your window that night.”
“Are you still wondering?”
“Yes.” Eve caressed his cheek with the back of her hand. “Right now I wonder how people live without this feeling.”
Eve squealed when he rolled with her and she ended up on her back. Her giggle died in her throat when she saw the way he was looking at her. She couldn’t quite describe it. Eve knew what lust looked like. It was something she had to deal with every day of her life, from Philippe and the men that came to the café, or those that whistled at her as she walked home. From the look in his eyes it was more than a fairy tale. Since the world began his eyes were meant to only look at her. She wanted to capture this moment, carry it with her every day of forever. She didn’t think there would be anything that could make her heart beat this fast, or her breaths get so shallow.


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