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I hope you are enjoying book 4, ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY. So I had two other releases coming your way this year, Love and War & Broken Hearts, but they will be put on hold. The Publishing company handling them, Breathless Press, closed their doors on the 1st of May. So right now I am trying to figure something out.

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Until then, I have a snippet of book 5. BTW buy book 4 here and like my amazon page while you are at it.

kitKit didn’t eat sweets or indulge in cakes. Once in a while, like his birthday he would take a slice. So going into the little sweet shop didn’t occur to him. That was until he saw Danny through the window. Her head down and with her fork murdering her piece of cake. He smiled, he couldn’t help it. Danny wore her emotions, her truth on her face. So Kit didn’t understand how oblivious her date was, that he couldn’t notice that she had already checked out. Kit was very sure at that moment Danny was engaging herself in a narrative about how her date sucks and what better things she could be doing at that moment.
Kit went into the shop and walked up to the display counter. He wasn’t planning on getting anything, but he had to look interested. Otherwise this wouldn’t be a chance meeting, it would seem more like stalking. Kit had gone to the club only to be told that she quit right after his birthday bash. She didn’t live at the cottage she had before. Kit had been there a couple of times before her realized that Danny wasn’t going to turn up.
“Listen, you are probably a great guy…” Kit turned towards the sound of her voice.
Kit knew when the final blow to a man’s ego was about to be dealt. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy. But this was Daniella Kent, she wasn’t meant for just any guy, hell, Christian Henry was not even worthy of her.
“…there is a girl out there who will find your obsession with cats endearing. That girl isn’t me.” From the corner of his eye, Kit watched as Danny stood up, gave the man a pat on the hand fit for a pet and begun to leave. “I got this,” she said as she waved her purse in the air.
“No wait!” He jumped up to his feet grabbing Danny’s hand and forcing her against him. Kit was just about to jump in. Everything in him wanted to save her. But Danny wasn’t that kind of girl. She was the type to do the saving all on her own. “Are you sure we don’t have a chance.”
“But why, we are meant to be. My mother read our horoscopes.”
Kit didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. How the hell did Danny say yes to this date in the first place? Kit was sure that this was one of those blind date types. Danny’s head turned towards him, but she didn’t see him. Her eyes widened as her mouth did a large O as she looked past him. Kit turned around to see a woman close to tears, ‘desperate stage mom’ written all over her face. This date meant more to her than it did her poor son.
Kit was turning back to Danny when she crushed into him, bouncing back and landing on her butt. Kit heard more than saw the mother charging in Danny’s direction. Kit reached for her and pulled her to her feet in one swoop. He held her upright and out of harm’s way as she got her bearing.

danny“Oh-no!” Danny gasped.
“Do you always cause trouble wherever you go, Danny?”
Kit knew when someone was pretending so hard to be anywhere other than where they were at that moment. He saw it so many times when he was at work. It hurt his feeling a little that she would rather pinch her eyes closed than face him. But that also told him that she wouldn’t react this way unless there were some residual feeling.
“Danny are you okay?”
Before Kit could say anything else, Danny took off from the shop, and he was chasing her down the street. Danny ducked into an alley dragging Kit with her. She leaned against the wall, panting, sweaty and genuinely relived.
“I don’t understand.”
“What?” Danny wheezed.
“Why did you go out with him in the first place? He doesn’t seem to be your type.”
Danny pushed off the wall, a glare leveled on Kit. “Did I say something wrong?”
“Nope, you actually hit the nail on the head. He’s not my type. Because my type are usually, druggies, alcoholics and cheating assholes with fiancés.” Danny bent over, her palms resting on her knees before pushing up and staring at him. “I’m addicted to the bad boy types. They look good on the outside, but are completely rotten on the inside.”
Danny begun to walk past him, but Kit grabbed her arm. He couldn’t help but feel like that comment was directly aimed at him. He didn’t have a substance abuse problem or any fiancés, so what exactly did she hold against him.
“Do you have a car, because I am not running home and I am definitely not going to risk standing at the curb waiting for a taxi. Mama’s boy and Mum-zilla stole all the strength I got.”
“Maybe I should check if the coast is clear?” Kit offered. He was trying to downplay his excitement. Kit didn’t even have to offer the ride. This was he could get to know where she lived without asking outright. “They are nowhere to be seen.”
“Oh thank God. Where is your car?”
“I actually don’t have a car. I have my bike.”
“Like a tricycle.”
“No,” he chuckled. “A motorcycle. A Ducati.”
“I was afraid you were going to say that. On second thoughts, I’ll wait for a taxi, or just walk home.” She panted. “Yep, I’ll walk home.”


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