Nyx Cosmetics Favorites

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Don’t you feel like a lot of drugstore brands keep getting more and more expensive (hello $13 Garnier BB Cream)?  I do.  You can’t buy a Maybelline lipstick from Ulta for less than $7 and a lot of foundations are over $10.  The one company that hasn’t let me down with price increases, though, is Nyx.  They have a truly fabulous range of products, many of which compete with their high end counterparts in my opinion.  Their color selection is fantastic, they keep up with the trends, and each product is around $5.  Let’s check out some of the best Nyx products that I’ve tried.

1  Jumbo Eye Pencil, $4.49.  This eye pencil is truly amazing, especially considering the price.  It can be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner, though I find it does crease a bit on my lids so I usually set it with powder.  You can…

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